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New ammo for Air rifle and airsoft

This area is for the discussion of BB or airsoft sub machine guns, and or other small arms such as pellets.
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Unread postAuthor: jackssmirkingrevenge » Sat Jun 07, 2008 4:19 am

From wikipedia:

6 mm pellet weights and their usage
0.11 g - Manufactured by HFC, same use as .12 gram. Uncommon.
0.12 g - Used by all low grade weapons such as some spring pistols (which can use .20) and mini electrics. High velocity and low stability. Not to be used in high end AEGs such as Tokyo Marui and Classic Army
0.15 g - Same uses as 0.12 g. Uncommon. Not to be used in high end Automatic Electric Guns (A.E.G.s) such as Tokyo Marui and Classic Army
0.16 g - Essentially the same as the 0.15 g pellets. Very uncommon.
0.20 g - Standard weight for most weapons. AEGs use these or slightly heavier pellets
0.23 g - Heavier pellets for AEGs. Blends speed of 0.20 g with range and accuracy of 0.25 g. Made popular by Tsunami Airsoft
0.24 g - An oddity. Only known manufacturers are Airstrike (a subsidiary of Daisy) and Crosman
0.25 g - Heaviest weight for standard AEGs, blowback and spring guns. Tokyo Marui standard AEG, gas, and spring guns are set at the factory for 0.25 gram BB's, and they usually include a package of 200 of these with the gun.
0.28 g - For upgraded AEGs or sniper rifles. Significantly cheaper than 0.30 g but yields similar performance
0.29 g - Maruzen Super Grandmaster BBs, designed for their Air Precision Shooting series of guns. One of the most precisely ground and accurate BBs available[verification needed], but cost more than other alternatives. These also can come in aluminum versions, which will hurt more than plastic.
0.30 g - Standard weight for most sniper rifles. Western Arms pellets for their gas blowback pistol series. Uncommon.
0.32 g - Also standard for sniper rifles. Offer best balance of velocity and stability for most spring and gas sniper rifles.
0.36 g - Heavier pellets for sniper rifles. Very slow but have high stability.
0.43 g - For the highest level of upgrades in spring and gas sniper rifles. Usually graphite coated.
0.88 g - Possibly the heaviest type of BB available. Usually made of steel and comes with a polished finish. Rarely used and often hard to find.

8 mm pellet weights
0.27 g - Low weight
0.34 g (Normal)- Standard weight
0.35 g (Biodegradable)- Standard weight
0.4 g
0.45 g - Heaviest weight
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hectmarr wrote:You have to make many weapons, because this field is long and short life
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