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Site rules.   (As of: Sun Dec 15, 2019 11:51 pm)

Main Forum Rules


1. Don't be a jerk.


    A - Keep the flaming to a minimum. Remember, you were a noob once too. Also, keep in mind that this is a text-based medium, and as such, sarcasm does not always translate well.

    B - Don't quote something and claim it as your own, when we all know that someone else actually came up with it before you were even born. Don't flip a few words around and call it yours either. Doing either will result in embarrassing account changes.

    C - Don't troll. Posts made to intentionally start trouble may be deleted.

    D - Don't feed the trolls. If you feed them, they just come back for more.

    E - Intentional harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

    F - Don't sign up for more than one account unless you MUST, or unless instructed to do so by a moderator. Creation of multiple accounts without a valid reason may result in a ban.

2. Discussion of shooting anything at any person and/or animal is prohibited, and may result in a permanent banning of your account.


    A - The exception to this rule is for proper use of legal airsoft and/or paintball markers. Never shoot towards the face in any sport.

    B - Nerf guns are also an exception to this rule, provided that the nerf darts have not been dangerously modified. Never shoot towards the face in any sport.

3. Discussion of solid propellants, explosive devices or incendiary projectiles fired specifically from a spud cannon is prohibited, and may result in a permanent banning of your account.For the purpose of this forum, these definitions will be used:


    A - Solid propellant: Any substance containing all the chemical elements required to enable sustained combustion without the presence of additional oxidizers. This includes but is not limited to gunpowder, thermite, and many commercial and/or homemade pyrotechnic compounds.


    i. For this purpose, nitroglycerine, though liquid, would qualify.

    ii. For this purpose, ordinary flour, though solid, would not qualify.

    B - Explosive device: Any device that has the capability to release large amounts of stored energy rapidly.


    i. Discussion of fireworks as projectiles is prohibited.

    ii. Discussion of "soda bottle bombs" or any other similar devices that may cause shrapnel as a result of uncontrolled rupture is prohibited.

    C - Incendiary projectile: Any projectile that is capable of producing flame.


    i. Rocket propelled projectiles, pyrotechnic smoke bombs, or any other burning projectiles would qualify as an incendiary projectile.

4. Discussion of illegal activities will not be tolerated.


    A - Do not request "warez", illegal media (movies, MP3), or any other software that violates or intentionally enables violation of copyright laws.

    B - If you've been involved with illegal activities (theft, vandalism, etc), keep it to yourself.

5. General posting guidelines:


    A - When creating any new topic or post, please refrain from the use of ALL CAPS. It's annoying.

    B - When creating a new topic to ask a question, use the "search" function first. It will save you much hassle later on.

    C - Old threads may be kicked up, if you have something relevant and timely to say. Useless ("Cool!") or untimely ("you can find X here" as a reply to a two-month old thread such as "I need to find X by tomorrow") replies may be deleted.


    i. Corollary: If someone kicks an old thread with a relevant post, please refrain from flaming. Kicked threads are a direct consequence of proper use of the search function.

    D - When replying to an existing topic, your post should be useful. Useless or harassing replies may be deleted.

    E - Images may be posted, but please keep them below 700 pixels wide. If you must post a large picture, use a link instead.

    F - Don't make several posts one after another in the same thread. If you want to change your post before someone has replied to it, PLEASE use the EDIT button.

    G - Please keep posts on-topic. Some deviation is tolerable, but a thread may be locked if it gets too far off track.

6. Do not spam.


    A - Advertisements of the "Free iPod" and other similar schemes will not be tolerated.

    B - A reference to your personal website in your sig is fine, but don't link your site in every post you make. If it appears that you're abusing these forums to drive additional traffic to your site, your account may be suspended.

7. Inappropriate materials:


    A - Do not post pornographic images or links to pornographic websites. Doing so will result in an immediate account ban.

    B - If you must post a link to "non-work-safe" material, include a disclaimer before the link.

8. Moderator relations:


    A - Moderators may deem a post inappropriate at any time, for any reason, and may delete such posts without warning.

    B - A moderator may move an incorrectly placed post. If a post/thread appears to be gone, please check your recent topics (listed in your profile) to see if it was moved.

    C - If you question a moderator's decision, please contact the moderator via e-mail. If you have a valid objection, the decision may be overturned. Public flaming of the moderators rarely has a positive effect.

    D - Angering the moderators/admins is HAZARDOUS TO YOUR ACCOUNT'S HEALTH! Do so at your own risk.

    E - These rules may not be complete. Intentional exploitation of loopholes may result in new rules.

Much thanks to FreeFall for putting this together.


Signature Rules


Signatures are a way to provide a representation of yourself. They are not intended to cause controversy or offend anyone. Signatures must adhere to the guidelines of a "Teen" rating. You may not use a signature as a method of evading other rules. Signatures will be examined at a resolution of 1280x1024 by the forum Moderators. All signatures must conform to the following standards:


- Maximum size of a signature is 700x100 pixels (700px wide by 100px high) and no larger than 30KB total. This size includes graphics and height of text (blank lines count). Each line of standard forum text and/or blank lines counts as 10px of 100px total allowed height limit. 5 lines of text allowd max.


- Graphics may not contain any quick repeated flashing that would cause an annoyance for the casual viewer.


- Anything racial or religious related that may offend a viewer is not allowed. - If your signature host appears to be VERY slow for more than a few days, you will be asked to find another host.


- Signatures that violate any of the above rules will have their signatures edited. Continued posting with a rule breaking signature can result in suspension or banning.

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