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Latest Combustion Project

Post questions and info about combustion (flammable vapor) powered cannons here. This includes discussion about fuels, ratios, ignition systems, safety, and anything else relevant.
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Latest Combustion Project

Unread postAuthor: DEATHSTAR » Thu Apr 05, 2012 11:33 am

Hello all,
Just wanted to run my latest Combustion project specs by you guys for any feedback/
advice (That I greatly appreciate). :

-I have a three foot brass pipe for barrel with about .625" ID (IIRC) ,it's about .75" OD. Fits a red color "Ideal" wire-nut perfectly.
(These will be the ammo, as well as a few will have nuts/bolts added to tip for weight).

-The Chamber is a Chrome plated, Stainless Steel, drink mixer thing (for bars) it's about 12 or 14 ounces. I liked it because it's thick, and the top is removeable, for adding the computer fan. It will be epoxied and /or have hose clamps around it.

-The Brass barrel was originally a wall rack thing, so I'm planning to use one of the brass mounts to convert into a bolt handle. It will be Bolt-action loaded, through a hole(slot) in the barrel , and I'll probably attach copper for the sleeve. It'll simply slide and fit into a notch in a steel plate I'll attach to the stock.

-The stock will be Oak probably, and run the length of the barrel.
Fancy , I might buy a brass door kick-plate to cut into little accents on the stock. Planning on using a small size propane tank for fueling this thing,
it will fit in a slot in the butt-stock part.

-Fueling will be through a metering pipe, was planning on about 5% volume gas of propane(???) And I wanted to use: copper pipe , stright off the propane tip, a blow nozzle, into chamber. (For compactness).
There used to be Propane tips sold on link from here , but can't find it???
Perhaps I'll have to use the tip off a torch, but that's little expensive?

-Ignition used will be a battery powered BBQ grill ignitor, it's a fancy one that sparks repeatedly. (I have a few of these but once they're gone I'll check out Hotwired's stunguns post here , since I have like 60+ cameras)(reason I joined)

-Venting will be a computer fan. I was interested in an externally mounted motor, with shaft though a bushing, fan blades inside...but I have some computer fans anyway.

-I'll be sure and post pics once it's finished, then it'll be a gift for a best friend. (He lives in the country , so it's fun to shoot there).

Well, been lurking, studying a bit, and I've built a few other "spud" projects, just not so many combustions.
I built one for testing out of an aluminum bottle thing, and a long-neck lighter JB welded in, IT was a real BANG!
(with duct-tape over the top),
NO metering pipe either, and it shot a blowgun dart what seemed like "supersonic" through FOUR sides plastic recycle bins!
So I've been interested in this "toy" since.
So Thanks for any feedback/suggestions! :D
EDIT: srry for the length of this, I'm home, sick today...hate that, I'm never sick. :(
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Unread postAuthor: Brian the brain » Thu Apr 05, 2012 1:31 pm

can't wait to see it.
Oak and brass..just my thing!!
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Gun Freak wrote:
Oh my friggin god stop being so awesome, that thing is pure kick ass. Most innovative and creative pneumatic that the files have ever come by!

Can't ask for a better compliment!!
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Brian the brain
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