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Best way to syringe gas in?

Post questions and info about combustion (flammable vapor) powered cannons here. This includes discussion about fuels, ratios, ignition systems, safety, and anything else relevant.
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Best way to syringe gas in?

Unread postAuthor: teebone66 » Mon Feb 03, 2014 2:03 am

I'm wondering what goog ways there are to inject butane into a chamber with a syringe might be.
I have seen some clips of guys using screws to block injection holes and the thing of using the little tube that comes with the insides of a long nose lighter.
I tried gluing in the filler valve part of a refillable plastic lighter but for some reason seems to be not taking gas in even with a butane filler can. Has anyone used these valves?
Also, with the little tubes do you have to seal them off after filling or can you just let it rip?

With thanks.
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Re: Best way to syringe gas in?

Unread postAuthor: noname » Mon Feb 03, 2014 3:30 pm

I've used either small ball valves or schrader valves with the core removed. Either way, you can inject gas straight into your chamber and then close the input, either by closing the ball valve or putting your schrader cap back on.
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Re: Best way to syringe gas in?

Unread postAuthor: jimmy101 » Mon Feb 03, 2014 4:06 pm

Do you have a needle for your syringe? If you do any small hole can be used as the injection port. I've even used a 1mm diameter hole (which a syringe needle will fit through) and just covered it up with tape for firing.

You can also just stick the needle between the clean-out cap and the clean-out fitting and inject that way, it gives pretty minimal fuel loss.

Without a needle you can just insert the syringe down into the chamber and squirt in the fuel. If you are quick you won't lose much fuel. Or, connect a short length of small id hose to the syringe and just push the hose into the chamber. You need small enough ID hose so that only a little fuel is left in the hose itself, might try the insulation from say 20G wire.
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