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Best ways to use ether as fuel?

Post questions and info about combustion (flammable vapor) powered cannons here. This includes discussion about fuels, ratios, ignition systems, safety, and anything else relevant.
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Best ways to use ether as fuel?

Unread postAuthor: oldmanbeefjerky » Fri Jun 20, 2014 10:19 pm


as soon as i discovered the wonders of using ether, from engine starter spray i fell in love immediately, it works well in my relatively small potato launcher, and on top of that, it can work at varying strength depending on how much pressure you let build up. i found under normal conditions, it will shoot far better than any areosol, or portable stove grade butane would ever, but, if you did something like place a small cumquat, only half stuck into the barrel, so that it was bulging and effectively plugging the barrel (from the inside ), so that it still needed to be pushed into the barrel, then, when you fire, the power output would increase by at least 4-8 times. it would go from (and keep in mind this launcher at the time had a capacity of abount 1L, made from 35-40mm pipe for the CC), from shooting those little citrus from its 25mm barrel, into a can and slightly denting it, not having any notable effect, especially when shot into the can at its base, all the way to actually ripping the end of the tin out from the impact.

what i shot it into, was a large milo tin, and it actually pushed the base out, not to be mistaken with physically tearing the metal. when shot into the tin while on its side. I have no pics im afraid.

Anyway, thats why i love ether so much, its so very very powerful, and smells rather pleasant too.

What i want to do, is build an injection system that uses the ether in liquid form, but im not sure about how to go about doing this. ether, in such a small potato launcher, often would displace all the air, and in the instances where i just put the liquid in, it still behaved much differently when there was too much fuel.

I want to know, what do you think is a good way to get exact amounts in? and how should i handle them? do i use a piezo to vapourize it once in the launcher? or force it through a sprinkler mist nozzle? what should i do?
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Re: Best ways to use ether as fuel?

Unread postAuthor: cammyd32 » Sat Jun 21, 2014 5:41 am

What you might want to consider is using an Atomizer nozzle spray it in, then ignite it as you would a normal mixture, you can buy them pretty cheaply, and they can be set up to work quite consistently, also if you are really on a budget you could probably just as easily make one.
I wouldn't try vaporizing if I were you, add a bit too much heat by accident and you've got a potentially dangerous misfire.
A chamber fan is also probably going to be a must if you want to keep your shots consistent.
Hope that helps
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Re: Best ways to use ether as fuel?

Unread postAuthor: jimmy101 » Wed Jun 25, 2014 6:44 pm

Ether really isn't any more (or less) powerful than any other hydrocarbon fuel. It might be a bit easier to get a consistent amount of fuel in the "spray-n-pray" mode but that is not the same as being more powerful.

To meter, just get a 60cc plastic syringe and overfill with the ether gas. Eject the excess (do the math to figure out how much ether you need), then inject into the chamber.

Read the spud wiki pages on fuels, syringe and metered fueling.
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