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New hybrid design

Built a hybrid cannon? Then post it here! This section is for completed, finished cannons that you have built. Please include pictures and information.
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New hybrid design

Unread postAuthor: daxspudder » Mon Mar 09, 2009 4:39 pm

Okay, so I know someone at work(who refuses a photo shoot) who built a hybrid using an amazing valve workup. The main firing valve is a 1.5"QEV, when the chamber is fired(spark strip igniting mapp and/or propane) a overpressure check valve is bypassed by the extreme pressure, allowing the gasses that bypass the valve to trigger a pneumatically actuated valve which vents the QEV, opening the QEV and allowing all the pressure to be released. There is 0 time between firing signal and the fire itself, very fast and effective, the overpressure valve resets itself, so there is no need to do anything other than refuel between shots. As long as you understood this, the pic should make sense.
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hybrid.JPG (17.52 KiB) Viewed 2166 times
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Unread postAuthor: mark.f » Mon Mar 09, 2009 4:47 pm

But what are the advantages over a regular piston hybrid like _Fnord's? This is basically what DR's first hybrid design was like, although his was a little more straightforward (a pop-off valve on a sprinkler valve).
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