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Red Hot Blue glue vs Clear Glue and primer

Post about things you have launched or thought about launching. Also post about various materials used for building cannons. No posts about explosive projectiles!
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Unread postAuthor: jimmy101 » Mon Nov 26, 2007 12:34 pm

666lucky693 wrote:i thought that the glue and primer chemically reacted to completely bond the pvc into almost like one piece so if you mixed them both together it would destroy the propertys of strength that having them separate makes so it would have to be bad

Nope, glue and primer do not chemically react. The correct description of the type of connection you make with PVC (and ABS) is "solvent weld". The glue consists of a solvent that will dissolve PVC, it also contains a fair amount of PVC already dissolved in it. When applied to a piece of pipe the solvent dissolves some of the pipe. As the solvent dries (evaporates) the dissolved PVC reforms as solid PVC. When done correctly, a solvent weld really converts two pieces of PVC into a single piece, almost as if they had been cast from molten PVC that way.

Cleaner also contains solvents that will dissolve PVC but cleaner does not contain any pre-dissolved PVC. The cleaner is meant to pre-soften the pipe so the colvents in the glue don't have to do as much work.

Combining cleaner and glue into a single product really defeats the purpose of the cleaner and probably decreases the amount of dissolved PVC that the glue supplies for the joint, hence weakening the glue.
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