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About 2000 Ammo Ideas!

Post about things you have launched or thought about launching. Also post about various materials used for building cannons. No posts about explosive projectiles!
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About 2000 Ammo Ideas!

Unread postAuthor: Urban Ninja » Mon Jan 02, 2006 5:25 am

I have been using this for a while now just looking at the different ammo ideas. A friend gave it to me and I have no idea where he got it from. I have not yet read through even a quarter of all the ideas so if there is anything that may offend I will not take responsibility. This has not been edited and none of the ideas in this text in any way portray any of my feelings or opinions. Well I hope you enjoy and get some use out of it!
Apples In case you run out of potatos
Nerf BallsThey don't hurt if you get hit with one
Hard Boiled EggsThey shoot far and fast. Lubricate them with Pam or
cooking oil
TimBitsMost of the time they fit perfectly. Use the ones filled with jelly
Wads Of Toilet PaperMakes a very nice splat when used wet
Water BalloonsMake sure that they fit the barrel perfectly. You may want
to cover them in duct tape so they don't burst as soon as they are fired
TangerinesThey make a nice splat
ConfettiTry this one at parties
Mud In A BagLong range and leavs a mark
Cow PattiesMOOOO!
Full BeersThese things have to fly FAST to blow up, but it's worth it!
SnowballsGreat for getting a litte bit of a advantage in winterwars....
Tennis BallsDon't shoot 'em at tennis players during a game
Bouncy BallsPut them in front of the potato in the barrel and aim it
almost straight up. Soon bouncy balls will rain down from the skies!
Glow SticksCut the tops off of about six glow sticks( we had a 2" barrel
on ours). Insert them after the potato, gently, with the cut end up. Fire
at night and you get a 30 foot cloud of surreal glowing mist. When it
settles on bushes it is very weird looking.
Crab ApplesThese babys shoot similiar to paintballs : fast and messy.
OnionsThey fit in the barrel better than potatoes and they shoot further
and smoother but it stinks up the gun.
Golf BallYou'll need to have a gun with a VERY small barrel to launchthis,
but DAMN does it go far!!
LemonsI found it works well.
Clump Of GrassPull a clump of grass out of the ground - make sure it has
plenty of soil stuck in the roots. Shove it down the tube, and fire. Great
if you can't find any fruit....
HamburgThis stuff really splats.
Coke Bottle TopsCut off top of 20 oz bottle top...rap in tape around base
to make good seal
Caps Off Areosal CansJust take one and shove it on the end. It's cool when
they make dents in ceilings =)
TracersDid this with model rockets. Ever seen the little plastic balls
that you can get out of the gumball machines? There aregenerally two
sizes. Small and large. When filled,with a liquid and then "kinda" sealed,
they make great "heavy duty" paintballs. I would strongly suggest
something waterbase.
Light BulbsSimple incandescent bulbs (or LEDs) and cheap battery provided
illumination at night.
Corn-on-the-cobRaw COTC works perfectly in 1.5" barrels. cut pieces about
2" long. They get a bit sticky, so you may have to clean the tube. But
wow, do they go!
Frozen OrangesUse with 3" PVC. Do NOT shoot these at people, I've putone
through 1/2" plywood from 50 feet.
Golf BallsYou have to wrap them in damp paper towels, but about 25 feet
out of the cannon the paper towels fall off and the golf ball keeps
Full Bottle of Pepsi (glass)Need fairly wide barrel, and it does go
far,but makes hell of a shattering sound.. Awesome. ifyou tube is too
small, your screwed. Too big?... justadd some duct tape around the bottle.
Sock Full Of SandFill a stocking with about 1/2 a cup of sand. Do not have
to tie.
Frozen TwinkiesFound in back of frige! Made a mess.
ApplesSoftly shot my rottweiler with an apple. He ate it.
RaquetballsBounce like hell when shot on a wall
Crushed stone -1/2" in diameterDrives your neighbors crazy when it hits
their tin roofs!
PaintballsFirst you have to have some fireproof wadding in between the
combustion chamber and the painballs. It's recommended that you load about
20-30 balls and to use the gun for thinly covering large areas.
RocksHurts like hell!
Hardened Play-DohMake into balls, let dry, cover with soap/hand cream
etc.Goes far, and makes a hell of a bang and explosion
Shotgun Pellets-#4With a 6"-1" gun I've shot a duck. Just put a some 1"
styrofoam down the barrel first and pour in about 4oz of pellets
Potato with arrow through itRam down potato like usual then push a hunting
arrow through from chamber end. Don't shoot it at people.
IceballsIn winter make a snow ball and dip it in a bucket of water , then
squeez it till its solid ice. Hop in the car and find some snowmen in
peoples yards......Then blow their heads off.
SlimeFind a toys R us store buy like 10 containers of that goopy slime
stuff (I like green) and make a cup for it our of the bottom of a 20 oz
coke bottle (plastic). Put the cup in first then dump in about a galon of
the green stuff :). Find someone to shoot.
Steel Wool SpudPin some steel wool on the bottom of the spud. Ram the spud
down the barrel steel wool first. When you fire it off it looks like a
PeachesGreat for shooting at seagulls. They go after em.
Those plastic soldiers with parachutesReusable and very cheap.
Eggs/Paint EggsTake an egg and poke a small hole in both sides.. Blow the
yolk out through one end. Gum up one hole with hot glue or tape (weaker).
Fill the other end with paint, glue, chalk, or any other creative
materials wrap around with protective wadding (paper towels, etc) to fill
up cannon chamber. Pull trigger and watch it fly! (SPLAT!!)
Wet Toilet PaperNo Comment
FireworksThey ignite with the flame
DirtGet really, really dry dirt and crush it into a fine powder. Load a
bunch in it, use styrofoam or a potato as wadding. Makes a really nice
smoke cloud.
Little Poppy ThingsThose little paper, tear-drop looking things, that you
throw on the ground and they pop. Use styrofoam as wadding and load a
bunch in the barrel. Shoot straight up in the yard.
Bottle RocketsRemove the stick and cut a hole all the way through the
potato. Insert the rocket into the hole (it should fit tight) put one drop
of gas on the end of the fuse. Put this in your gun spray, and whoooosh.
When the rocket has burned out the whole thing will explode. Lots o fun.
Smoke Bombscut a hole in the back potato that is a little undersized for
the smoke bomb. Cut the fuse in half, insert the smoke bomb (fuse pointing
back) put a drop of gas on the end of the fuse, load, spray and fire. Good
to scare people.
Under-Ripe TomatoesIf you can find a tomato bush, you can get some
tomatoes that are still hard and green. Hell of a splat!
French FriesJust ram them in there and you will have a shotgun.
Cricket BallsIn australia we play cricket so there is ample supply
Wet DiaperFirst find an un-used diaper and cut a hole in the middle of it.
Shake out all of that fluffy stuff into a bowl, add a lot of water and the
stuff soaks it up. Put this gel-like stuff in a small cup and drop it in
your gun. Good to have fights with.
Potato SaladStick a tater in first then Woosh!!!! May be messy....
Tinned FruitPpen a tin and put a handfull into a paper cup. It goes splat.
Morter Rounds (Fireworks)Very pretty if done correctly.
Ping-Pong BallsUse syringe to fill with water and freeze...Talk about
BananaGreat to fight with if you have a small barrel and makes one hell of
a splat.
AcornsShotgun anyone!!
Medicine BottleGet a medicine bottle and fill it up with petrol (i.e. gas,
keroseine, alcholl, ect..)then put the lid on. Then pour some gas all over
the outside of the bottle and load itin your gun. shoot it at some cement
walls. When the bottle hits the wall the gas will go everywhere.
Frozen PotatosRam the potato in the gun so its the perfect size. Freeze it
and you have garage-door-piercing ammo!
Doggy DooIf the neighbors dog poops in your yard all the time, and you are
tired of it, take a styrofome cup and load it with the doggy matter. give
the neighbor his dogs doo back!
ClayThe artist choice
Old FishPleases your neighbors when it hits their window at 4 a.m.
Rose PetalsI launch rose petals using the "Air-Launch". Much safer than a
spud gun and gets a respectable distance.
WaterI use the "Air-Launch" safer than a spud gun and water creates a fine
KetchupPut in stryofoam cup. Great for fake blood.
Empty Shotgun ShellsIf you have a small barrel, put some wadding down the
barrel first, then put in an empty (strongly recommended or else you could
have a real problem on your hands) 12-gauge shotgun shell with the brass
end up so that it comes out of the barrel first. Goes a pretty good
Frozen Tennis BallsCut a little hole in a tennis ball, fill with water,
put freezer till frozen. Should be right size. Stuff down tube and fire
away. Note: DO NOT SHOOT AT PEOPLE!! Makes loud boom when hits something
hard like brick.Shot right through friends garage from 100 feet away. Have
StyrofoamTake two styrofoam cups cut down to the size of the barrel. Then
glue them together at the base. These are cheap easy and kick ass with
PencilsThey stick into things
SquashLike the name says.
Match HeadsTake some strike anywhere matches. Break a lor of heads off
till you have a well sized quantity. Wrap tightly in a small bag. A small
packag ewill annoy people. A large package may frighten people. A package
to big, may hurt people. Please above all else use your head!!!
Shaving Cream in Medicine BottlesMakes a hell of a splat (use the gel, its
Flame CloudTake some fine saw dust. Then spritz it all over with gasoline,
or drench it with WD-40. Fire this at night, it is spectacular.
FlamesSpray Wd-40 all along the inside of the barrel, then spray some all
the way down to the combustion chamber, flick the sparker and... BOOM!!!
This looks really cool.
KamakaziMake a paper dart, yoknow the things you always make in math
class. Spray the tail end with Gasoline. I certainley hope you don't shoot
this in Math!
Tennis Balls With MatchesCut a hole small hole in a tennis ball, and fill
it with the heads of 'strike any where' matches. Put tape over the hole
and launch.
EggsPut 5 or 6 pieces of notebook paper in first, then drop an egg in.
Great for long range egging!!
Unripe QuiceJust like a potato only wood!
Boiled PeanutsThey make cool little splats when they hit things.
Dry Corn KernalsShove a potato down the barrel and take it out so you have
a potato slug. Cut the slug in half and stick one half down the barrel
followed by some dry corn kernals then the second half of potato. This
makes a really kewl shotgun!!
Soda Cans Filled With Wet SandIncreadible with a power spud gun...
Normal Potato (new method)First put your potato in the barrel, maybe 1 or
2 inches in. Then spray your propellent into the chamber, go real heavy
and then put the cap on. Now push that solid Idahoe goodness down to its
normal spot. This works because you compress all the air in the barrel and
there is more oxygen to burn the more fuel, thus a more powerful shot with
a good old spud.
Vinegar (or salt water) soaked EggSoak an Egg in Either Vinegar or Salt
water. This will soften the shell enough to fit in a 1.5 inch barrel.
SugarPut a styrofoam cup in the barrel, put a cup of sugar in the barrel
and fire. Feels really cool when falling down!
Jelly BeansJam a wet towel down the barell and pour in jelly beans. Sticks
to trees.
Dead BirdsThis is cool...put them in feet first, really cool if it is
winter and they are frozen, they will act like darts..
FlourSprays everywhere. Covers everything within range.
CO2 CartridgePut an unused one in a potato or wrap it in enough duct tape
so it will fit in barrel. When it hits it explodes.
PaintballsCan be used for paintaball matches to eliminate many at
once....Packs a hell of a punch!
Icing Sugar BombsGet a load of T.P., soak in petrol, lay it out flat, put
in about 3oz icing sugar on the TP then wrap it up tight. Fire this - it
goes flaming to its target and makes a cool fireball when it hits!
Spike BallTake a potato and size it for the barral. Take a bunch of nails
and stick into each end of the potato. Goes like hell, and sticks to
anything it hits =)
Full Can Of Shaken Up CokeShake that stuff until you can't shake no more,
then load it up andblast away. Blows up real good when shot at hard stuff,
and makes a nice mess too.
Resin BulletsPour catylized resin in pipe nipple the size of your barrel.
Pop it out when it sets up and grind front down to bullet-shapedhead.
Crisco works as good lubrication. Will destroy anything and is reusable if
bullet does not explode on impact.
Beanie BabiesPiss off your little sister, really expensive!
Red PotatoFits perfect for 2" barrell! Kicks butt! Good distance and no
mess. Cheap too.
FlourFlour is highly combustable when air born. Be very carefull!!
Four Foot Fluorescent LightsNeed 1 1/2" diameter barrel. Wrap masking tape
around the metal base of the light until light slids down into the barrel.
The light explodes on impact. I recommend wearing eye protection in case
of light breaking and exploding upon being shot.Caution! These lights
contain mercury which is extremely poisonous.
D Cell BatteriesWrap battery in masking tape until the battery fits
smoothly in barrel. Recommend Energizer batteries because they keep going
and going and going.
Glue (such as modeling glue)Fill a ping-pong ball with your favorite,
flammable glue, drench in gas, load and shoot. Nice fireball.
Potato w/Smoke Bombs & Strobe FlaresCut two holes in back of potato put a
smoke bomb in one and a strobe flare (the things you light and they are
like strob lights) in the other. Cut fuses add a drop of gas to the tip of
each one.
Wet SnowPut a styrofoam wad down the barrel then add the snow. No need to
pach. Acts like a shotgun.
Boche BallsVery powerful. Goes very far, durable so it won't explode went
you shoot it. Explodes on impact (like brick wall or something hard) water
goes everywhere.
SilverwarePut wadding in, drop silverware in.
Hacky Sack or FootbagDrench in something flammable...hehehe
PlumbsWhen they are pushed down the barrel they lubercate it, when it hits
your target the hard seed inside of it will destroy your target.
Grapes and CarrotsWhen first making a potato gun I started with a small
one. It was small enough to fit grapes and baby carrots.
PineapplePineapples are cool. I call it the tooty-fruity. When it hits, it
splatters. A lot.
4 oz. Peanut Butter JarsFor 4" barrels. Fill with anything you can think
of. Packs a hell of a punch.
GravelTake some gravel about the size of marbles (use a wad in front of
the gravel). I went skeet shooting with my potato guns. Has a good spread,
and decent accuracy.
Glass-Glass Filled With SandWhen it hits it acts like a grenade.
Frozen Orange JuiceIt kinda melts which gives it a smooth ride and it
Yakult BottlesFit perfectly in 1.5 inch barrels. Use full of yakult or try
emptying and filling with what ever you want.
Air DeoderizersThey fly like hell, and if full they can blow a hole in the
side of a car, not that you would do that.
WaterFirst load potato, then pour in water and food coloring. Shoot when
there is snow on the ground for a cool effect.
CondomsGood way to wreck an outdoor party.
SulfurGet some powdered sulfur, mix with water, and put it in a tennis
ball. Cover the opening and shoot. The target area will "wreak for a
CriscoPut it in a bag, it'll usually hold. If not, you've got some
cleaning to do! Makes a great splat!
Wadded SockFloats like a blimp.
PicklesSquish when they hit and make your target smell for a week.
Braziers"Animal House"?
20oz. Bottle Full Of IceExplodes on wall! VERY COOL! Note: DO NOT shoot at
people or houses!
Flaming Tennis BallSoak Tennis Ball in Gasoline before loading. Shoots a
nice meteor!
Tennis Ball Covered In OilThis looks like a flaming catapult ball. (note:
it will start a fire)
ChalkLoad a potato then put a cup of powdered chalk on top of it. Makes a
big cloud.
BurritosIts a nasty waste of good food. Try shooting at your friend's
mouth, from a good distance. Where's my Burrito?
SausagesThese will make a beautiful splat!!!
Pool BallsGood for putting holes in buildings. Spectacular explosion!!
Cigar ButtsHave a smoking party and save all the stogie butts.
Balls of WaxPerferrablly ear wax. Liquifies on impact.
AOL Disks!Finally a good use for them.
Macintosh MiceBecause they only have ONE button.
Plastic Pop Bottles Filled With TinkleThis will leave a NASTY mess!
HairballWake up the cats.
Super KamikazePut in a potato as usual and then shove down a dozen marbles
or so. Really fun. Rains marbles.
Potato RocketGet some of those camping matches that have heaps more
flammable red stuff than normal matches and stab the wood ends into the
back of the potato. When you launch this the matches ignite and the potato
looks like a rocket.
BaseballUnfair pitching advantage?
Spice Girls bubble gumChew up a whole bunch of it and cover the bottom
with the crappy stickers. The'll stick to anything, and are not that
Crayola CrayonsStick in gun. And make your own drawings. If you melt them
while in the gun before use they will fuse to target. Like acar, a wall,
Toliet Paper Soaked In GasMakes a fiery splat!!
WaterPut a potato in then pour water in. In a second it will be raining in
your back yard.
Talc In A ClothPut talc in a cloth. Tie up the end an fire.Makes target
smell nice and makes a hell of a cloud.
Old GarbageReally smelly, and found behind your local Win Dixie!
Frozen HotdogsIf barrel is small enough is makes a great projectile.
Glue BottlesMakes a nice stickey splat.
Rubber ChickenSince when can't chickens fly?
FlashlightFun in the dark.
Horse DungComes in a round shape, makes a stink.
Barbie DollsWrap in duct tape to fit barrel, pisses off sisters.
Lead BallsGoes Far but you need a small barrel (1 1/4")
CandlesMake a nice SPLAT on impact if your Barrel is the right size.
SlugsTake a few 3" bolts and wrap them in a sock. Then cover the slug with
duck tape. Be careful!
Hollow Plastic Easter EggCut down to right diameter, fill with hot glue,
load, and hang on.
Old Rifle ScopesThey go a hell of a long way!
Baked PotatosUse just like a normal potato. Makes a big Splat and makes
the gun kick a lot.
DRY Dog FoodPut some wet paper towls in then pour in 2 cups of dry dog
Carrots, PeasThen you do not need to eat them.
StreamerJust take a potato, bobby pins, and ribbon. Use the pins to stick
to the potato. Nice effect at parties.
Snow GlobeI hate Christmas. Bah Humbug.
Mr. Potato HeadBecause he's the king of potatoes and he deserves to be
Lawn DartsMake sure nobody is in the way!
CabbageTwo words: SALAD SHOOTER!
Pond SlimeYou can get this junk at almost any pond or lake.
BB'sPut them in a bag and watch out.
Vaseline In A Soup CanWhat a splat!
Rocket Nose ConeFill with clay and watch it go. Also cool with body tube
Rocket EnginesMakes a hell of a sound
Burned Out Light BulbsBreak on impact.
CaulkThis stuff makes a cool missile and when it hits.....what a mess!
School HomeworkMy dog ate it.
Flamming Dog PoopWhen soaked in gas make wad out of cardboard (also soaked
in gas) luanch. Wait for somebody to stomp it out.
ArrowStick arrow through tater then fire.
Rap CDsThat music sucks!!
HairNext time you or your dog gets a hair cut save a wad. Fire and get an
instant smelly fire ball.
Catsup (or Ketchup) PackagesPut the potato or rag down and twist up ends
so it is packed in and fire. Very messy!
Country CD'sThat music really sucks.
Rocket Powerd PotatoDrill a hole in a potato then put a Estes rocket motor
in it. Put a couple drops of gas on it and shoot it. It will explode about
3 seconds later.
Mini-Shampoo BottlesFrom hotels. Find ones that are round. Wrap some duct
tape around them if necessary. Real aerodynamic and you can fill them with
whatever you want.
Potato GrenadeTake an empty CO2 catridge and fill with a flammable liquid
of your choice. Shove the small end into a potato. Put potato into gun so
that the end of the CO2 cartridge is facing out the end of the barrel.
Trailer Ball HitchWill go through 3 inchs of wood.
Glass Bottle with Marbles In ItTake a glass Coke bottle and fill it
halfway with marbles. Shoots glass everywhere.
Dirty Old SocksSoak with something. Cool when it hits.
SpearGet a straight stick (dowel is ideal) about 2ft long. Sharpen the end
and tape a few strands of cotton all about 6" long at the back. Wrap the
middle and back with T.P or paper towel so it fits your barrel.
Skunk MuskPut musk in a condom and shoot it. It will stink for up to a
year. The musk will stinkup in the area of 1km.
Road FlaresUse duct tape to fit, unless your barrel is small enough.
Carefully open up and put a moderate ammount of gas on end. Local jerks
having party? Aim up and scare the hell outta them.
Condoms Filled With RiceMakes a nice white cloud on impact
Solid Blocks Of IceSave some of that old pvc pipe that you didn't use.
Pour some water in it and freeze it.
A ChainShoot a chain ball. The chain should be like 1 foot long.
SugarShoot it strait up and make the air taste sweet!
Hockey PuckUnfair advantage?
Baseball BatWatch out because it goes far.
ClockNow you can really make time fly.
Wooden BulletsJust cut to size of barrell, and WATCH OUT! With pointed
tips, they will put hole in 1/2 in plywood from 50 ft!
CherriesJust shove some wet paper towels down the chute, load about 5-10
cherries and fire.
RadeshesIts shotgun time.
Toilet Paper Soaked in GasMakes a fire ball. Really big!
SparklerLight then toss down barrel so it sticks in potato. Streaks across
PenniesReally cheap
Dry-Ice BombFill a small water bottle with hot water and dry ice, squeeze
the bottle (gives you a few extra seconds) and twist the lid on TIGHT and
drop down your barrel (which hopefully your friend is already lighting).
Jelly BeansThey fit perfectly.
M80Put in potato, light, then drop in barrel and shoot. Blows up nicely
Egg Filled With AlcoholPut 2 holes in egg then seal 1 with tape. Use other
hole to fill with alcohol or gas. Big fireball on impact.
A Tube Of ToothpasteGoes far, it's fun when it splats on a wall, you may
need to wrap TP around it
Lettuce, Tomato, Carrot, Ranch DressingStep aside for the REAL salad
JewlryReally make your mom mad. (That's a joke!!)
A ball of Duct TapeFun to shoot at friends for target practice. Doesn't
hurt, but will stun small animals.
SilverwarePut a wad or potato in tne fire away.
Potatos stuffed with lead fishing weightsThese suckers will go through a
fridge. It leaves big holes because the potato explodes and the lead
mushrooms like a bullet.
Paint GrenadeWrap the paintballs in a paper towel. Looks really really
cool if shot aginst a wall.
Sharp PencilsTake a bunch of sharpened pencils and wrap duct tape around
em so the wedge in barrel. Middle pencils fly out tip first creating a
shotgun effect sticking into trees or what ever it's shot at. On impact
pencils shatter leaving the lead points in target.
Cottage CheeseWidely available. Wide pattern. Wide Smiles.
YarnSoak yarn in gas and you have a nice fireball.
PizzaJust stuff pizza in a bra then into barrel.
Wax BombGet a piece of pipe the same size as barrel. Fill with melted wax.
Let it dry. Pop it out, load it, fire!
SpaggettiBoy does it go everywhere!
Wooden BallsGet them at a craft store. Buy the size that fits best.
PlungerPut tape around the end and fire at hard flat surface.
JelloUse barrel scraps, and an end cap.
AirFill your gun with the barrel covered then uncover the barrel and fire.
Makes a hell of a bang with a short barrel.
CementPour wet cement into a piece of pipe the same diameter as your
barrel. Wait an hour and you've got one hell of a slug.
Thin Metal PipePush it into a spud to get the right size. Fire on a tree.
Repeat until you've got a ladder.
Bingo Ink DabbersWrap with electrical tape in 1.5 inch barrel. HUGE
Spike Balls off of a SweetGum TreeShove a spud down then load a few of the
spiky balls off of a SweetGum Tree. Leaves a Green Chlorophyl mark on
people or anything else.
LightersTape a few together (to fit barrel size).These suckers go and
explode on impact!
Spray PaintGraffiti is much more fun with an explosion!
Tin of CornOpen one end of this and tape it as needed. This will make a
huge mess on a wall when the can bursts everywhere.
ShoesThey sometimes pop, these suckers are damn unpredictable!
Methoed T-paperToilet paper soaked in metho is a fun way to wake up the
Flaming Pumpkin GutsTake a wad of TP and squirt gas on it. Take about 2
cups of pumpkin guts and pour in some more gas. It makes one hell of a
cool ball of flame. It also smells like burning pumpkin.
2 oz. Plastic Jars of PaintWrap it in some wadding and then have fun .
Film CanistersI recently picked up a couple hundred at the local Film
Developing place. You should probobley duct tape around it so it fits. You
can put anything in them.
MuffinsIs that food falling from the sky?
Playing DartStick it in a potato.
BeansJust put'em in a little bag and shoot.
Little Baggies Filled With GasMakes a big fireball as it exits the barrel.
Ice Cream ConesI kid you not, these things are funny and can be used as
holders for shotgun-type charges.
Pine ConesSoak in gas for 5 minutes. Put in barrel wide end first.
Sometimes little pieces of the pine cone fall into your chamber and have
to be cleaned out.
PennyPennies from heaven?
Mechanical PencilsEmpty the inside and put in lighter fluid. Soak the
eraser in lighter fluid also. Fire, and enjoy!
Pieces Of MeatJust cut a chunk of meat to the right size, soak in petrol
and fire. Mmmmm BBQ.
Smoke BombsIf your barrel is to big wrap it in tape.Stick it in the
barrel, make sure you light it fast then fire quickly.
Can of Icy HotPut Icy Hot in plastic bag and let it fly.
A Drinking GlassPut a glass over the end of your barrel and shoot. It
flies pretty good. If shot at a wall it makes one hell of a shattering
Iron Ore PelletsFind them on railroad tracks. Good for small game hunting.
Bird SeedThe birds really love this (and if you get lucky you might hit
CheeriosJust a nice little effect (add milk if you want).
Tooth PasteNice little SPLAT.
Wet towel with flour insideMakes a nice little mess (might need to pack
with something so the towel doesn't blow up inside the barrel).
PotatoesFor when you run out of... oh. wait. That's why they're called
potato guns.
Softball BatGoes farther than baseball bat
Stink BombsGet a barrell that fits then launch at peoples porches.Works
well if the crack head is having a BBQ party.
Plastic paratroopersLaunch about a dozen. Have a friend take "pot shots"
at them.see how many you can take out!
TaeNext time you're in the Philippines, pick up some "Tae" they're fruit
that will fit in large barrels, they grow everywhereand stink A LOT.
Fine flourFor a nice howitzer effect, stuff a couple paper towels down the
barrel as wadding, then carefully pour in about 1/2 to 1 cup of fine
baking flour. Produces a loud boom, and a nice simulatedsmoke cloud
Nitromethane Soaked RagsSoak enough rags or paper towels in nitromethane
(model fuel)produces a beautiful streaking flame ball. Most effective when
used at night.
1.5" PipeA length of 1.5 (id) pipe filled with bondo, epoxy, resin ect.and
ground down in front to make it more aerodynamic will make anextremely
powerful (not to mention car door piercing) projectile.*WARNING* DO NOT
shoot one of these at anything you don't want destroyed!
Cornbread MuffinsRan outta ammo? Got some old cornbread muffins just
layin' around? Cornbread muffins make good projectiles and burst upon
firing, great for feeding the birds.
Pill BottlesPerscription pill bottles come in all sizes, thus will fit all
barrels. Just use paper towels as wadding, or some duct-tape for a snug
fit. Can be filled with most anything, water,ice, rocks, lead, black
powder etc.
Hollow-Point SpudsUse an apple corer, or a knife to carve out the front of
a spud.This technique gives a spectacular burst upon impact with a hard
Condom Full of Shaving CreamPut in after spud. Makes a really big splat.
Junk MailA new meaning to AIR MAIL!
VomitAnyone you need to get revenge on? Give them a toxic shower!
CattailsThey make exellent flamming torches once dried and then soaked in
Skateboard WheelsIf you have a large enough barrel
Canned DogfoodGood size, and holds shape well
Minced MeatAlmost a roadkill effect on impact
PVC PipeGet some that is about 1/2 the diameter of your barrel, heat the
ends and spread them out.
Beefy Italian Sausage LinksNice flight and messy splat but it gets
Peanut Butter CanFill it with paintballs then shoot it. It makes a big
Saw DustA nice big cloud of wood chips! Watch your eyes.
Barbie Doll Heads soaked in GasFlaming heads!!
BlueberriesWill go through 2 layers of cardboard at 30 feet with soft
ones. Dont have to worry about richochetes or breaking glass (hasn't been
tested, but probably).
Plastic Grocery BagDoesnt go far, but it makes a hell of a noise!
Little Sunny Delight BottlesVery fast and cool if filled and soaked in
Cut Up PotatoPut potato in first dice up anuther potato and pour it
in.Fire at hard surface, makes huge SPAT
Mini-Vortex FootballsGo long!!!
A Bottle Of Hair SprayBe careful! If not rapped in duct tape can explode
while leaving barred.
Water Sponge BallsGreat for water fights, and don't hurt.
PVC MortarPut some gun powder in a PVC pipe and put caps on the end. Then
put a shotgun primer in one end, shoot at safe distance. Very dangerous!
Can Of ButaneExplodes on impact. Very dangerous!
Solid Bar Of SteelWith 1.5" air cannon, the bar can blow clear through a
55 gallon drum and continue on for 175-200 yards!
Potato MmacePut nails in two sides of the potato and shoot sticks into
objects (not people).
PearsBy far the best alternate ammo
Tennis-Ball BombMake a small hole in a Tennis-Ball and fill it with heads
of matchs.BOOM ! Be careful.
Dowel RodGet a dowel rod the same diameter as your barrel (might have to
sand to get it to go good) cut it about 5" - 8". Put directly into gun or
get a smaller diameter and put it in a spud
Flaming ArrowWrap duct tape around middle of arrow and rap a peice of
fabric around the end. Dip in flamable liquid light and launch. CAUTION:
Will start fires (duh).
GumChewed gum, very sticky
Bread And ButterMakes a slippery mess.
VibratorsGreat party crasher!
Nail DartsTake some 5 inch nails sharpen the points then glue or tape some
1"cotton strands at the heads to stabilze them.Stuff a potato down the
barrel and put in as many you can fit then fire. Penetrates anything
(these things can kill so don't shoot at anything living and be carefull
in general).
Exploding BottleFill a 20oz bottle 1/4 the way up and squeeze. Place in
barrel.Fill with water and quickly cap and shoot. The preassure will
explode the bottle in 30 sec to 2 min. Makes a loud bangrelativly safe.
Beer Bottle Filled With GasGet a beer bottle fill it 3/4 of the way with
gas. Then stick a gas socked rag and stick it in the bottle. Stick the rag
end into the gun and fire. The combustion of gun will light the rag and
the bottle will explode in fire ones it hits the ground (sometimes ther
fire goes out in mid air). Do NOT drink when using a spudgun!
Nail Polish BottleTake a bottle of nail pollish and wrap duct tape around
the top so it fits in barrel. I think I created a new form of art. It's
CoffeeSoak a towel in gas, stuff it in barrel , and pour coffee in. Makes
the air smell great.
Potato Filled With PaintCut a potatoe in half, hollow most of it out, put
paint inside , and tape back together. Makes a pretty picture on a wall.
Rubberband BallWrap rubberbands together until the resulting ball is the
same diameter as barrel. Goes far, and packs a whollop.
Sound Generator555 timer IC based piezo noise generator. Basically, build
your standard 555 sound circuit, wire up to piezo sounder from dead smoke
alarm or other such device, and connect to 9V battery. Set for about 2KHz.
May sound amusing.
Strobe Light UnitBuild a strobe using LEDs or incandescents on 5Hz cycle.
555 timer IC based circuits work OK for this, or just a standard 2
transistor multivibrator. Additional "feature" is a piezo buzzer so you
can find it again.
Dry IceGet some Dry Ice and put in plastic bag, fire it. Quite amusing
"fog" effect.
LeavesBeats rakin' 'em.
NutsThey're sure go flying
Six inch dart with finsBuy a 6 aluminium nail and hot glue 4 fins on the
back end. Dont stand in the way.
Flaming LogGreat at camp. Watch the landing. Please don't set the forest
on fire.
Empty Pill BottlesBang.
Party StreamersAt paper supply places you can get paper streamers. Put
them in a styrofoam cup and tie one end of the streamer into it.
Old MagazinesRoll 'em up and let 'em fly, sometimes catch on fire
Hacky SacksFire on a wall that you don't care about and see an explosion
of flaming string and rice
Binacca CansBundle these together and wrap thououghly in duct tape.
Explode on impact.
SlinkyScrew a slinky that is less than the diameter of your gun into a
potato then put it in slinky first. The result will be a flying coil of
LegosIf you are like me, you have millions of these little buggers, just
put in some wadding, and fill the barrel up with legos. Reminds me of Army
Men (the psx game)
Cottage Cheese Mixed With Ketchup & Scrambled EggsReadily available, &
looks like someone had their brains blown out when they get hit by it.
Rubiks CubesCause you cant solve those damn things...
Crushed Intel ProcessorsSlightly expensive, but hey...
8 oz Lead Fishing SinkersPut on top of potato and these will go through
2-3 inches of plywood!
MarblesFor use with a 0.5 inch barrel. Goes to far to see and works great
for ammunition. Dont point at anything that you don't wan't damaged or
FurbyThose stupid things should be blown to pieces
Doggy BiscuitsLoad and fire. Excellent for training your bird dog.
Chicken DrumstickOpen wide!
Day Old Free NewspapersGet those freebee newspapers that they throw on the
yard. Boom, splat.
Quaker OatsYou ever had any of those pedestrians walk in front of you
while you are driving? What about those cars that you don't know who they
belong to that park in front of your house? This will make their day!
CandyHalloween, keep thoes peskey trick-or-treaters away.
SpongesGood for fireballs if you soak them in WD-40
Calking tubeLeave some weight in the front and put some duct tape around
it to seal it,then fire it, it will fly like an arrow(leave tip on_
Brads (Small Nails)Just take a whole bunch and shove them in after a
potatoe,VERY distructive, can damage barrel
Can Of BeansThis is awesome!
Stale GumballsI happened to have a bunch of stale gumballs lying around.
You can use a french fry cup as a sabot. They shatter when they hit hard
Vitamen E CapsulesTake a handfull of these babies and put them in front of
spud or other wadding, great shotgun. If you wet them a little and squeeze
them together they will stick togethter. Not for shooting at people.
Sidewalk ChalkPut in front of wet toilet paper and fire at a brick wall.
Haven't tried it myself but it makes a nice cloud.
Printer CartridgesWad wet T.P. and then load two cheap black ink
cartridges, Big splat and unpedictable path!
ShrapnelStuff tightly wrapped sock in barrel add screws, nails, nuts and
some BB's
SoapIf you have a same barrel try this out (use bars or little shaped
Film CanistersFill with paint and make sure you tape the cap closed!
Grease tubesLoad a piece of styrofoam/potato etc. for wadding then remove
the lid of the tube and place it in the "tatter tosser" open end pointing
toward the open end of the barrel.
Rubber Cementget a jar of Elmer's rubber cement and remove the top. dampen
paper towel with gasoline , then pack into jar, so as not to let cement
escape bottle. Upon impact, acts like napalm: 20-foot-diameter flame pool.
Great at night.
Un-opened YogurtBe sure to tape up. Makes a big splat.
Empty Silicone TubesAbout 2" in diameter, 10 inches long, with a big spike
on the end.
Candy Canes and Holiday M&MsFun for christmas...until the neighbours call
the cops!
WormsPack in front of spud
Egg Soaked in Vinegar (over-night)Can be used in 1 in. to 2.5 in. barrels,
depending on how long you soak them.
Christmas CandlesThe ones that are 1.5in in diameter and are 2in long.
Sounds like a 30.06 when it goes off. Might have to tape the base of the
candle for it to fit the barrel correctly.
EyeballsGet some from your science teacher. Come in all kinds of sizes.
Explode if frozen. Launch at the neighbors house and watch them spread!
Dip in something flamable if you feal naughty.
Fire BabiesDip one of those freaking Beanies in gas and stick in plastic
bottle with the open end going down towards expansion chamber. Burn baby
R.L. Stine Goosebumps BooksThey all suck anyway might as well have a good
use. Fun when dipped in oil.
PokeMon CardsWrap in duct tape dip in grease for slickness.
FurbysDont tell your Sis that her Furbys takin' a trip (might need
convincing to fit in barrel).
Gasoline Douced T-Shirt!This liitle baby makes any persons day brighter!
Thundering KingA "Thundering King" is a firecracker. Take the insert out
of the cracker tube, cram the insert down your barrel and fire. Glows
bright green and goes off with a huge bang. NOTE: If it doesn't come out
of the barrel, chuck the gun and run like all hell!
Car AlternatorNeed a really big barrel, but can cause alot of damage!
Tootsierool BankFill with whatever, and duct tape to get a good fit and
let'er rip!
Soda CanTake soda, shake well, freeze, heat for 20 seconds, shake well,
tape to a potatoe, stuff in launcher, and shoot a brick wall. Makes a
great "KABOOM" and soda shoots everywhere.
BlanksGood for scaring people! Get a piece of cardboard and cut it to
barrel shape so it is faces down as if a spud. Then fire as usual. It
makes a huge bang but nothing comes out!
ShovelPut in handle first.
WatermelonRequires a huge barrel but makes a big splat.
Home Brew PaintballsTake ping-pong balls and fill with some color that you
want your target painted. Fill using a syringe. These are available from
school labs/vetrenary hospitals. Cut hole using small drill bit to insert
syringe tip.
Gatorade Bottle Filled With Super GlueShoot at doors!
Fish HeadsCut em' off and shoot!
PantiesKind of funny...
CondemsFill with sand. Fits in any barrel!
Salt or Pepper ShakerWorks OK if you wrap in enough duct tape. If filled,
it makes an awesome mess!
Ding DongsThey shoud fit in your barrel perfectly. Stack them together and
they will blow up in seconds
Sunny Delite (Small)Pack it in tight by jamming it against the ground.
Bananas With Firecrackers InsideTight as hell when they explode.
Osolete Mobile PhoneOpen it, remove battery (or tape the contacts), pour
gas in and tape it all over with masking tape. Leave a fuse.
Cement Filled CondomsIt is cool when you hit a wall.
Cow Crap BallsPut a peice of crap in to a sock and it is cool!
Hell Of FlamesCondoms wraped with duct tape.
Inverse 600ml Pepsi BottleFill 600 ml pepsi bottle with gasoline. Poke
small 5mm hole into the cap. Place very thin piece of paper to bottle cap.
Load in gun backwards. When it flies, and oohhh baby doe sit fly, you get
a 200yrd streak of flame flying behind it.
Umbrellaput it in open or shut, like a harpoon gun,I havent tried it, but
I just thought of it and it sounds great, Marry poppins Away!!!!!!!
Compressed Coke BottleDrill a hole it the 20 oz. Bottles cap the size of a
pump, and then stick you bycicle pump in and really pack it, then slip
tape around the needle and quickly remove the needle while squeezing the
tape, to keep in air. Wait after firing to hear the proper "BONG" sound.
Other such sounds may occur.
Weed InfestationTake alot of weed seeds or roots and fire it into some
punks yard, within a month it will be overgrown with weeds and ivey.
The Ultamate Paint BallTake a ballone and fill with paint of your choise
makes a hell of a mess good for painting neibours house in midle of the
Mayonase In JarAs long as it fits your barral your target turns white.
Pikachu Dollsthe only thing this funny looking guy is good for
Spice Girls CD`sThey`re back on air
Small Tin Of CITADEL (C) PaintEven better than paintballs, plus they come
in many nice colors.
PokeMon MoviesNow every one can see them.
Dust Of A Loved One Who Just Got CrematedThey'll probably appreciate being
buried at sea, at the falls, etc.
BackStreet Boys CD`sNo I want it this way!
Watermelons, Other MelonsRemember always to have a big enough tube, if not
your gun'll go BOOM! Otherwise general great splatting fun!
Pringle SurpriseA pringle can, short or long, will fit in most guns and
launch, fill it with whatever you want.!
Easter Egg Paint BallFill a plastic Easter egg with paint and put some
tape around the middle were the gap is. Makes a watermelon sized splat.
MayoPut a cardboard wad in the barrel. Fill the barrel with warm mayo.
Really stinky on a font door.
Water Ballon Filled With VinigerGreat prank.
Miniature V8 Cans Will Fit 1.5" - 2'' BarrelIt makes a hell of a mess and
it goes far.
Spool of ThreadShove a spud in, then tape/tie one end to the top of the
Analog Audio TapesPlease, that is so 90's. Use wadding.
Juggling BallsThose little four-color balls that come in packs of 3's work
great in 2" barrels.
FlourFill and close film canisters for explosion on impact, or keep them
open to make a cloud
JacksYou know, the ones you used to play when you were a kid! Just cut the
bottem of a 20 oz plastic bottle off, and fill it up with jacks! If you
sharpen the edges you can get a couple to stick into trees!
M&M'sRam a spud down the barrel put lots of M&M's in the barrel with some
water. Works like paintballs.
PaintballsGet a Ping Pong Ball and cut or drill a small hole in it. Use a
syringe to inject it into the ball. Once full, wrap some electrical tape
on it and make sure it covers the hole. Splat!
Pine Cones + RocksJust jam in so wadding (damp paper bag/plastic bag)
Ceramic MagnetsSitck in barrel and shoot at something metal, your target
will be covered with a fine black mist that will never come off.
Audio speakersYou get all 3 major spudzooka ammo types - pointy things
(the metal frame), flammable things (the paper cone), sticking things
(voice coil and magnets)
Dry spaghettiVery pointy and cheap too.
ScattergunInsert potato. Pour in main ammo (jello and cottage cheese will
work well). Place piece of old metal window screen (tape it well) over end
of barrel and fire. Scatters to varying degrees depending on size of holes
in screen.
BlunderbussLots of preperation, but it's worth it. Fill Ziploc bag with
assorted things (screws, nails, rocks, glass, Skittles, be creative). Tie
or glue a 15-20 foot piece of strong fishing line or string to bag. Secure
other end of string, either to the spudzooka itself or to some stable
object behind you. Fire. When bag reaches end of string, anything in front
of detonation point will disappear.
Door KnobsLoad them in wide end first. It's like a slug for a potato gun!
Frozen OrangesGoes Futher than apples or potatoes. Cheap and Deadly
Sand Filled Beer CansFill them with sand an put them in.
Fake Blood In A Bagblows up real good. Cover it in duct tape.
Furby's'Cause they're just not good for anything else...
Superman FiguresIs it a bird? is it a plane? NO! It`s superman flying in
A Wet SpongePut sponge down barrel then soak with water.
Sandwich Bag Full Of Feathers And Glue Or OilBamm!!
PlungerWrap duck tape around the handle until it fits in the barrel and
shoot at something smooth so it will stick.
Rolls Of Pennies Taped To Fit BarrelGoes very far, but can be dangerous.
KecthupShoot it at a friend in a white T-shirt then lay him down on the
road you'll see what happens.
Jack In The Box Antenna BallsMore than for your antenna!
OnionsThese things fly like a bat outa hell! Gotta try it. When you shoot
it smells like cooked oinions.
Popcorn KernalsLike a shotgun
Old Analog Modem, Broadband RocksSome of the parts you have to break a few
times, the wires and boared make a nice smell after shot, use that old
technology for something useful.
FlashlightsThey have a very cool effect at night. Wwrap in duct tape for
correct fit
Hot dog in BunBun evaporates upon firing leaving a speeding hot dog to hit
anything in its path.
Cheese In A CanBig gooey mess, wrap in duct tape to fit snuggly into
barrel, flies REAL long, explodes on impact, lotsa fun.
Sister's BrasWad up a few and launch into a neighbors back yard. "What the
heck is this?"
Ziploc Bag Filled With MagnesiumHIGHLY DANGEROUS! Makes a white flame real
bright. Do not look at it directly.
Old Firework Fountain Wrapped In Duct TapeFind one just under your barrel
size, tape it up. Very powerful, reusable.
Purple Rain fireworksAssuming your gun is strong enough the purple rain
will shoot out crazy ass sparks and look cool. (They sell for 2 to 3
Used Up 22 ShellsIt's like a mini shotgun and goes far.
Stick of PepperoniWill bring every scavenger in the state
Mc Donald's cheeseburgersBe sure to say "Robble Robble" when you shoot
them out.
Matchbox CarsTorments your little brother
Car PistonsJust grease it and slide it down the barrel makes a huge hole
through some objects. Lawnmower pistons work too. And for those of you
with really small barrels use a R/C plane piston. Please remove the piston
rings first as they are razor sharp.
Dry Ice BombPlace the dry ice into a bag and use a hammer to crush the dry
ice. Pour the ice in to a 16 oz bottle. Start filling your gun with
propane. Once you have loaded your propellent, pour warm water into the
bottle and screw the cap on. Launch immediately . The explosion is louder
than a large firecracker
MR. PullerGet a suction cup type devicesuch as a plunger and tie along
peice of string to it. Load in your cannon and fire at someobject. Use the
rope to drag the object towards you
Pincher Of PerilGet a jaw type trap "such as a racoon trap" and load with
the jaw facing out towards the barrel. Fire at a treebranch or the edge of
a table and it will grab on.Tie some string onto the trap if you want to
drag the object
Green walnutsThey are much better than potato
Little Taco Bell DogsI hate those little Taco Bell dogs
A Bottle Of InkReally cool when it hits a wall.
Buffalo ShoesPut a lot of deodorant inside after you have filled about 1
litre of gasoline into it. That kicks ass!
Flaming SpudLeave in gas for 1/2 hour before you shoot it. Be careful!
Whip Cream And SodaMakes it very sticky and splatters whip cream
Coors Light CanFill with gas and oil, duct tape top and stuff it in. Nice
explosion. It might start a fire.
Railroad Ties/Big NailsPut wadding in barrel then put in big nails. Great
if you're a contractor.
Tennis Ball With A Hole In ItFill the ball with egg yokes
Black WallnutBlack wallnuts work very well. Be careful because they are
White OutThe little bottels of white out make a big mes, and dry's pretty
Frozen White Castle BurgersCan go through plywood.
Friend's Car KeysWrap in paper towels. Can be difficult to find
NectorineThis is good because it fits very nicely down the barrel and
makes a tight fit.
Anything That Would Cover And Area With StainEggs, beans, rotten fruit,
veggies, ink, paint etc. Stand the gun like a morter, calculate
tragectory, fire!
Silicon TubesCan be filled with an assortment of fun stuff.
MarshmellowsCheap, shoot far really sticky, need large ones.
Wood DowelPlace a wood dowel about 2 inches long and use any sort of
wadding to back it. I once shot one through a 3/4 inch piece of plywood
andit kept going
Hedge BallsYou know those green things that grow on trees? They go far and
hit hard!
HomeworkI swear my spud gun ate it !
A Roll Of QuatersNeed a small barrel but it is incredibly powerful and
HandballsJust like raquetballs, but smaller and more compact
PencilsGreat for shooting pigeons
Eve Deoderant SprayPerfect cylindar and will explode if it hits something
hard. Watchout for shrapnel
Shot Gun ModeDril a hole in the potato and fill with BBs. Stick it in the
barrel hole facing up and fire.
Shotgun Mode 2Wrap about 50 BBs in a paper towel. The paper towel will
fall off and the BBs will keep going
Soft PearsMakes one hell of a splat
Woody From Toy StoryHe shouldn't have screwed with Buzz
Tootsie rollsShoot up ward at holloween!
Kinder Suprise EggsFill them with sparkler stuff
Magnesium BombsSelf ignited and blow in mid air. Awsome.
Pumkin GooPut your pumkin on ground shove gun inside so you make a seal,
then load up on the goo.
Sock Filled With PlasterMakes a nice mark on buildings and such, try it
when its raining. If left untill dry it is hard to remove.
Those Damn Robotic DogsThe're trying to take over the world!
Barbie Doll HeadsStick Barbie Doll heads into a sandwich bag drenched with
gas, die BARBIES DIE!!!
School PensThey're free and they are good to make splats.
Lug NutWith ample muzzle velocity this will cause some damage (duh).
A Cigarette LighterIt will explode if it hits the ground.
Ice PlugGet pipe the width of your barrel, plug one end, fill with water
and freeze. Pop it out and you got yourself an ice plug
Snow MisslesTake some wet snow and pack it, then make the top into a cone
shape and stuff it in your gun. Don't shoot at people as it shoots really
hard if you use good propellants or about 20 seconds of hair spray.
Mini StaplerRevenge on the school
Sister's Stuffed AnimalsGreat way to piss her off
Pens, Pencils, ink cartrigesFun after end of school
AvacodosNot just good to eat but good to shoot. Makes a nice green
Car Body FillerMould barrel size. Sharpen if desired.
Honey Mixed With SyrupIt makes a big splat.When it dries, it gets hard and
is hell to clean up!
Limburger Cheese and SPAMGot any neighbors you hate? This is a great way
to crash their pool party. This stuff smells and looks like vomit!
Rocket NapalmCore a potato and soak some matches in oil. Fill the hole in
the potato with matches then fill the spaces between the matches with hair
gell that contains alcohol. Cover the hole with toilet paper load it in
"hole first". Be careful.
Dixie CupsJam a little 2 oz. Dixie Cup on the end of a 1.5 in. barrel.
Don't put on to hard though. They are coated in wax, and will catch on
Ping Pong BallsFilled with Liquid Cement. Makes a nice bang and a nice
ding on metal closet doors.
Pokemon StuffCram some of the little Burger King Pokemon keychains in
there with some wadding.
GrapesStuff some wadding then about 20 grapes, and some more wadding.
IceTake PVC and fill with water. Freeze and shoot the slugs. Hurry because
if it melts you will loose the seal.
Christmas Balls (the glass ones)Wrap in duct tape to avoid explosion in
barrel. These things make a great "pop" when hitting things.
Childs Building BlocksTake your little brother's building blocks and have
Trailer BallThe balls used on trailer hitches. May need wadding.
Flour BallsMix flour & water to make a ball and shoot. Sticks to
Metal StuffSpark plugs, matal steaks, ect. Most metal objects fly pretty
far, but can be dangerous.
Gym SocksLoad with lots of persperation. Gym teacher would probably enjoy
this on his head (that was a joke).
"Pool Acid" (or hydrochloric ac9d) In A Bottle W/Tin foilTake a plastic
bottle that fits you barrell, then put a little acid in it, then add some
tin foil. After that put the cap on and quickly shoot. You only have about
15 seconds before it explodes so do quickly. This mixture released
hydrogen gas.
DartsCut paper plate halfway to center, roll into narrow cone, push large
nail through center, duct tape heavily, trim trailing end of cone to fit
barrel bore. These will perforate anything not made of steel or concrete.
Be careful.
A Pice Of Fruit CakeMakes a big dent
LemonsThey fit perfectly in a 2" tube and go really far!
Ballons Filled w/ KetchupFill just like water ballon, but with Ketchup.
Silicon MoldTake an extra piece of your pipe for a mold (same size as
barrel) and get some silicon cauking. Squeeze it in mold. Before it is
completely dry (soft and mushy in the middle) take it out of mold and
shape the top to a point for better flight. When it hits it makes a huge
sticky mess.
Toilet Paper soaked in gasThis stuff flies out of the barrel and makes a
HUGE fire ball. Use WD-40 as propellant and watch it fly. Very dangerous.
Pop Can And PenniesTake a pop can cut it in half. Use wadding to fit it in
your barrel. Then fill it with a big handful of pennies.
Flame ThrowerSpray the inside of your barrel with some WD40. Fill your
combustion chamber with propane quickly and fire as soon as possible.
Dry WallUse dry wall mud to make a mold of your barrel. It may take a
while to dry but when it hits a hard target it explodes into a ball of
Cheese SplatMelt some nacho cheese and put it in an object to fit your
PVC RocketsTake hot vegetable oil and dip your PVC pipe in it until soft.
Take it out and form it to the inside diameter of your barrel. Install an
end cap. These thing fly far so be careful.
SticksPut a wet rag in the top of the barrel then use the stick to push it
in, leaving the stick stuck in the barrel making it fly 100+ yards!
Hair BallsIt is fun to shoot them.
Unripe OrangesFly far and really cheap.
Boiled CandyBe careful. This stuff is hard.
Flaming Candy ShotgunPut in a wad of dry paper towel and pour in
jawbreakers, M&Ms, Skittles, etc. When you launch them the sugar on the
outside will catch fire. It's really cool a night.
Avacado CoreIf its fresh the avacado "meat" will lubericate it. If its too
small use cooking oil to grease it.
IceciclesShove a snow ball down the barrel first. Then put in the
icecicles down point up. Its cool to watch the icecicles break on trees
Flour Injected PotatoesGreat to shoot, just make a hole in a potato, pour
the flour in, put some wadding around it, and when it hits, it makes a
nice mess.
Flaming Merthiolate Sparking Cottonballs IIThis is awesome. Get a pair of
paper cups, cut one into quarters and leave one intact. Soak some
cottonballs in a solution of 70% merthiolate (found in some first aid
kits), 10% lighter fluid, and 20% rubbing alchohol mixed with car oil.
Freeze the cottonballs (so they wont stick together, put in icecube tray)
sprinkle them with magnesium dust, then put them in the paper cup that
isn't cut up. Then take the other cup, tape part of it to the un cut cup.
The idea is that it opens like a shotgun shell. Squeeze as many more balls
in as you can. Squirt the back of the uncut cup with WD-40 and gas. The
uncut cup goes in the back part of the barrel, the cut one facing out.
Fire at night. This is like fireworks but safer.
ChopsticksSharpen the ends and stick them through a potato.
Water BallonsHave you ever been playing paintball and feel that you are in
need of a grenade laucher or mortar? Well here is a safe way to shoot
water ballons at your friends. First make a circle of cardboard the size
of your barrel then take two pieces of cardboard and glue them onto the
circle of cardboard so that the finished product looks like a cardboard
tube cut in half. Then just slide in the balloon and load the shell, when
the shell exits the barrel of your cannon the cardboard will fall off and
the balloon will sail away to paint your target!
Small Sunny Delight BottlesCover a sizable distance, and send nasty,
sticky juice flying over a large area.
Dog Breath Tablet CansEmpty a plastic can of dog breath tablets and fill
it with water, sand, etc...Fits great into 2" barrels.
Rotten MeatSmells awfull but is cool, breaks up in air but doesn't go far
at all. When it hits houses or tree's it sticks and stinks!
Foil Covered Toilet Paper ChunkPut some toilet paper in bowl pour water in
it. Make few balls out of it. Then cover each ball with aluminium foil.
WhistleTake an ordinary referee wistle, tape it to two nails and shove the
sharp ends of the nail into the potato to be loaded. For added effect
widen the blowing end of the wistle with a funneling piece of plastic cut
from a pop bottle and melted to the whistle. When launced sounds like an
angry referee on sterroids. Best used to wake up the neighbours late at
Ceaser SaladStick a potato in first. Lots of fun, messy, crutons make
crumbs which stick to chamber walls. Smells horrible when cruton burns.
Have fun watching the lettuce stop in mid air and slowy fall to the
Rag BulletsCut strips of any old rag and wet. Then roll as tight as
possible untill you have a "bullet" just slightly bigger than your barrel.
Wind tight with fishing line or other string, then pack tightly into
barrel and fire.
Assorted Women's UnderwearUse a piece of foam to act as a wad, then cram
the barrel full of as much underwear as possible. (Bras, thongs, panties,
etc) Careful not to use too much propellant for safety purposes. Great fun
for parties!
CameraYou could see how the projectile sees things. Pretty cool, but it
will ruin a perfectly good camera.
SpringsGet a fat compression (without hooks) spring from the hardware
store that is about 3/4" diameter 3" long, and has a compression of about
100 lbs. Thread into potato so half of the spring sticks out. When it hits
a hard wall, the potato vaporizes and the spring goes flying! (Stay behind
a thick object, it could come back at you).
CalculaterStick one of those things in front of your gun and BOOM!
Diving Sticks.Take diving sticks and put rollerblade wheels without the
bearings on the end of them. Talk about a slug for the potato gun.
Cable ModemFire it through the door of the cable company and yell "It's
not fast enough for me!".
Condom Full of Honey Mixed with ConfettiFire it and it will stick to
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Unread postAuthor: CS » Thu Jan 05, 2006 1:41 am

That is way to long to even read. Just from browsing most ammos seam immpractial. I must note horrible orginzation (basically a jumbled mass of words). If there wasnt a 5 spudbux limit you would proably be in the thousands with that post.
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Unread postAuthor: drac » Thu Jan 05, 2006 6:38 am


i think that's where your 'friend' got them from.
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Unread postAuthor: toza » Thu Jan 05, 2006 8:19 pm

holy f***ing crap thats huge i got to about the 2 hundreth and realised i wasn't even a third of the way there!!!!!!!!!!!!! some of them seem really really dangerous though and just flicking through the rest of them you seemed to have a lot of the ideas a least more than twice.
pl;ease cut them down to smart and non-blowing peopl;e up ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!
and dont post the same i deas more than twice!!!!!! then people will actually be able to read them all and possibly try them all out!!!!!! :? :?
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Unread postAuthor: toza » Thu Jan 05, 2006 8:25 pm

drac wrote:http://aaroncake.net/spuds/things.asp

i think that's where your 'friend' got them from.

drac is completley right!!!! i dont know how he knew put look at that website!!!!!!!
Your so called "freind" shouldn't rip work off other people instead of posting all of that you should of provided a link to that website!
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Unread postAuthor: Urban Ninja » Fri Jan 06, 2006 6:45 am

I thought he wrote it! Im gonna have a word with him, only problem is hes in england.
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Unread postAuthor: beebs111 » Sat Jan 07, 2006 1:22 pm

i just noticed that some of those asre really dangerous, like the pool acid one, i see why u put the disclamer ath the begining :?
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Unread postAuthor: drac » Sat Jan 07, 2006 1:36 pm

toza wrote:
drac wrote:http://aaroncake.net/spuds/things.asp

i think that's where your 'friend' got them from.

drac is completley right!!!! i dont know how he knew put look at that website!!!!!!!
Your so called "freind" shouldn't rip work off other people instead of posting all of that you should of provided a link to that website!

I remember looking at that site when I first started spudgunning, and I continuously refer to the electric schematics there.
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Unread postAuthor: WOW!! » Sun Jun 25, 2006 5:01 pm

Sister's BrasWad up a few and launch into a neighbors back yard. "What the
heck is this?"

LMAO, i did that with my g/f bra. dam she was pissed lol.
anyways I found that site a while bak, the reason the tree in my back yard has a chunk out of it is from there, good times.
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Unread postAuthor: jrrdw » Sun Jun 25, 2006 5:22 pm

Cow patties, who in thier rite mind would even load it up, much less pull the trigger! Discusting! I wonder what kind of brain thought up some of these? Twisted!
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Unread postAuthor: ProfessorAmadeus » Sun Jun 25, 2006 5:42 pm

some ideas are really stupid and REALLY dumb!!! The one about shooting pears at seagulls made me frown in disapointment of a fellow spudder being so iresponsible with a spudgun and is giving fellow spudders a bad name. :cry: :cry:
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Unread postAuthor: )DEMON( » Mon Jun 26, 2006 2:19 am

:lol: cow patties.Mooooo :lol:
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Unread postAuthor: CS » Mon Jun 26, 2006 3:37 am

"Sister's BrasWad up a few and launch into a neighbors back yard. "What the
heck is this?"

LMAO, i did that with my g/f bra. dam she was pissed lol.
anyways I found that site a while bak, the reason the tree in my back yard has a chunk out of it is from there, good times." ~WOW!!!

Im sorry, but Im calling a "BULLSHIT!". Plus use the recent post thing instead of digging up these ~6 month old dead topics up.
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Unread postAuthor: WOW!! » Mon Jun 26, 2006 11:37 am

Iam not b/sing you, i swear. We were swimming at my friends pool(my neighbor) and she had her bathing suit and left her cloths by the pool, my friend and I grabbed my small gun and loaded them up and shot them over the pool. and sorry for digging up an old post I didnt look at the date.
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