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Video added: The search for 2.5" canned goods

Post about things you have launched or thought about launching. Also post about various materials used for building cannons. No posts about explosive projectiles!
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Video added: The search for 2.5" canned goods

Unread postAuthor: xpitxbullx » Sun Jun 22, 2008 8:10 pm

Its a conspiracy. I walked all through Smith's Food King looking for cheap canned goods that would fit into the tennis ball barrel. Almost nothing...almost. I brought a little 1/2" piece of tennis ball barrel for the tests. :)

Kroger Vienna sausages fit beautifully until it hit the top ring of the can. Remove that and you have a nice sabot that can launch anything you put into it.

The only thing that fit like I wanted was Kroger Hot Fudge Topping bottles. A little klennex wrap should make it perfect. A little pricey at 3 for $5, it will be the only time I shoot them. They are kind of heavy (over a pound) but, oh well. In the name of science. :twisted:

I'll have to clean up a little glass after it impacts but it should be a cool chocolate explosion.


UPDATE: The kleenex was too tight of a fit so I shot it as-is. The hot fudge flew about 200 yards. It had a safe landing in the grass. Then I shot it into an oil drum so I wouldn't have to clean up a mess. It exploded and severely dented the bottom of the oil drum.


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