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Army drinks bottle combustion chamber?

Post about things you have launched or thought about launching. Also post about various materials used for building cannons. No posts about explosive projectiles!
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Unread postAuthor: Ragnarok » Sun Dec 21, 2008 6:17 pm

Hotwired wrote:It'll be fine as long as that burst disk isn't to make it a hybrid chamber of any note.

I'm completely serious when I say I've seen vessels of similar shape, integrity and material to canteens fail at under 100 psi, and far less under repeated or shock loads - and of course, combustions would provide both.

If it's done I give it a very real chance of breaking apart around the "equator" between the two sides. It might not be a failure that would cause injury, but it would still be rendered useless.

I don't know what experience you have with uneven cross sectioned pressure vessels, but I've done enough testing of them to know to avoid them like the plague.

As there are far safer, more practical, and less gimmicky materials which are far better suited to the task of being a pressure chamber than this, I strongly recommend against it's use - not because it will fail and cause injury - for the chances of that in this case are small - but because it runs a far greater chance of becoming a waste of money and materials.
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Unread postAuthor: Hotwired » Sun Dec 21, 2008 8:03 pm

I'm not saying it's not a waste of a good drinks bottle. It is, and there's a lot of things I'd use before one.

Basic combustion can be held by quite a lot of things intended for fluid containment, even fizzy drink bottles whose heat issues are rather limiting as they can crumple after one shot.

I know on the other hand that such robust drinks bottles are heat resistant
to not crumple unless theres some very substantial build up of heat (somewhere rather hotter than is comfortable to hold bare handed) and that the time to recharge it is likely to be sufficient to lose enough retained heat to not make that an issue for weak points.

Non spherical or cylindrical with appropriate ends vessels are less than ideal. No news to either of us. Yes I have done testing involving heat and pressure on various containers. I have some interesting bottles about 3x their original volume around somewhere.

The only disagreement is on the chance of failure.
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