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Unread postAuthor: beebs111 » Wed Aug 29, 2007 2:52 pm

by that definition a pillow is illegal, shoot a gun through a pillow and itll make it more than 1 db quieter. the whole basis of that law is to stop people from silencing real firearms. the courts see them as a real weapon, even though it is obvious that they are for a paintball gun or an airgun. i have found that the best policy when dealing with police, assuming that you didnt do anything wrong(that they know of) is to ask them if you are free to go, which they have to awnser. if theyy say yes, then leave, go somewhere safe. if they say no, then ask what you are under arrest for and then ask to speak with a lawer, if you adhere to this then you should have no issue b/c hey wont have a statement that you made b/c you were scared. i dont have a problem with most cops, only the ones who are dickholes piss me off. i know they are generally there for a reason, but the ones wo enjoy their authority too much really present a problem for any male between the ages of 12 and 20. i mean, these are the guys that were high school bullies and look for a way to continue this, so they abuse their power of being a cop.
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in the upcoming presidential election, there will be several candidates who will be running, one of whom is Hillary Clinton. Now WAIT A SECOND!!! I though there was some sort of rule that prevented someone from serving more than two terms in office. Vote Against Hillary: Presidential Elections 08
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