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Free Website Hosting

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Free Website Hosting

Unread postAuthor: Tyro » Thu Sep 20, 2007 4:03 am

This is one of my recent projects, i thought you guys might get some use out of it.

I made another Website "Grand Files" with one of my friends which i think i told you guys about, now i've made "najse". Now Before i go into any detail, you guys might wonder "How the hell am i meant to say that." well it's meant to be pronounced like the word "Nice" but with an emphasized kinda 'y' or soft 'j' sound. kinda like "Nayse" but not like "Nyse" it's the kinda 'y' like in Yogurt. anyway you'll get it. a bit like Borat says "Very Nice".

I thought if anyone would like to start up any spud gun related websites, i know that KillaGorrila was setting up ANZSGA, and i noticed that there was alot of work for him to do. So this will make it easier. Everyone should be technically minded to do it, if you can set up an account on a forum, you can setup a website.

So yeah, it's not 100% finished, but it's almost there. The next few lines will sound like I'm trying to advertise.

We don't make any profits of the hosting and the payed hosting doesn't pay us, it pays our provider. There are no ads on your website, you get full access to FTP and Cpanel 250MB space 6GB bandwidth monthly 3SQL databases. You also get a free sub domain "anything.najse.com", you can ad several other domains if you have any. There is no limitation on making Forums or Blogs, you get automatic installers so it's real easy. You can of course add any code that you've made, if you've made your own website in HTML, PHP or your preferred language. English?

Now comes the cliché bit, i find it hard to say this because when you say this everyone always thinks the opposite. As far as we're concerned there is no catch. I've tried it out with my own sub domain and free account, everything seems to work fine.

Ok so enjoy, and for those who didn't figure out the URL from the second paragraph, it's http://www.najse.com/

Please try it out.

Oh, and for those still scratching their bald heads trying to sow some seeds for hair. The way we are aiming to make money is by designing and coding websites for people. We haven't finished that website yet, but it will be finished eventually, and while people can, why don't you get yourself a Najse website.
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