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A idea

All non-spudgun related discussion goes here such as projects, theories, serious questions, etc. All "off-topic" posts (aka useless posting, determined by moderators) will be removed.
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A idea

Unread postAuthor: dilweed » Mon Oct 06, 2008 2:43 pm

This is just a random idea perfect for tactitians and history buffs. 3 weeks ago I assembaled 20 of my friends and made a spud gun each. We all love history and paintball, so why not combine them? Unlike most paintball players there all quite intelligent so they are able to actually follow and execute a plan. We all bought paintballs, and divided into 2 groups of ten. Our school is in the countryside, so we snuck in during sturday and went into the huge woods behind it. We went up a trail no one goes on and commenced. We each had a "General" and played American Civil war style paintball. Some of us even brought costumes! We linded up in ranks, and fired! It was really cool and fun. For those of you who want more specs on the guns, there simple to realistic looking airguns, all operating on 50 psi. We all regulate the speeds, and use muzzle loading only. We made cartridge pouches ( Screwable airc hambers pre pumped, and pre waded paintballs.) Dont worry, we all wore goggles and made shure speeds were under 340 fps. We renacted the battle of Gettysburg and I got shot in the head with a .67 cal ball! Now that was a day to remember!
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Unread postAuthor: Ragnarok » Mon Oct 06, 2008 2:55 pm

Sorry, against forum rules.

2. Discussion of shooting anything at any person and/or animal is prohibited, and may result in a permanent banning of your account.
a) The exception to this rule is for proper use of legal airsoft and/or paintball markers.

Legal paintball implies it's been authorised by a paintball field, and a 340 fps spudgun wouldn't be.

I won't pull in the mods - mostly because I have to go and make some food - but bear it in mind in future.
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