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RC Super Powers and Me

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RC Super Powers and Me

Unread postAuthor: SEAKING9006 » Sat Nov 22, 2008 11:41 am

As some of you guys may remember, there was a recent discussion on RC Aircraft and such. Well, that inspired me to grab my working one (out of two) MicroGear 2ch heli out of storage and fly it around, and possibly (did) use it as a target drone for triple-A testing. That one flew until the frame disintegrated (tough little bastards, those frames.) and then I spent an hour or so swapping rotors onto the other one, and now THAT one flies. I only got off one shot from the CA3 with a 1in hard packed flour shell in a union as AAA, and that was the ONLY shot I tested that disintegrated on firing. Well, the guys at RC Super Powers had a review on the Esky Dauphin helicopter, and I bought one immediately. (Wait, where did you get $200, seak?! My mom, of course!) Anyway, I posted my YouTube channel on their live webcam chat, and I could hear my BEST Robotics pt2 video playing in the background! Anyway, I am ordering the heli today when I get the money from the bank, and this weekend I'm also building a new simple cannon, to replace the CA3 in the role of testbed. The CA3 is neat and all, but you can't fire it handheld, the chamber volume is far too large to use quickly, and there is no way to aim it. So, I'm making a testbed rifle, mainly to shoot my new flour AAA shells at my target drones.

Also, take a look at their depron foam stuff. It may come in VERY handy for building custom aircraft that you expect to break often. Just cut out a ton of bits, armor the electronics, and fly that baby right into that hot L-zed. I plan on building a large UAV later on. On a related note, look at this. Now THAT looks like one hell of a bargain. :)
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Completed projects:
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Current Project: Bolt action rifle (25x140mm + 1in shot)

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