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witch one should i ask for christmas (airguns)

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witch gun would you suggest

beeman rs1 combo
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crossman quest 1000x
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witch one should i ask for christmas (airguns)

Unread postAuthor: nibbler125 » Fri Nov 28, 2008 3:25 am

I have some experience with air guns I have a old daisy 880 and its a nice gun but its old not very acurate and also the stock is loose so I looked at some new breakbarrel airguns. I found 3 that i liked but I want a little help makin the final decision they all have great reviews and ratings. also don't suggest a gun unless its under 120$ also sorry if I have bad grammar i try to use spell check but i have problems with spelling



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Unread postAuthor: Ragnarok » Fri Nov 28, 2008 7:56 am

First thing - I can't make your decision for you, these are just my own personal thoughts, and my own opinion on air rifles won't necessarily match anyone else's. I'm primarily a target shooter, so accuracy is what's most important to me.
What you really need to remember is what you want to use it for, and what's most important to you, not me, so take all of this with a pinch of salt.

Second thing to bear in mind is that you probably don't want to be firing at 1000 fps, because most rifles are much less accurate at that velocity - but manufacturers still love to tell you the most they can get out of it, because some people buy on velocity.
You'll likely want to use some heavy pellets to get that back into the 800-900 fps range, which will be far more accurate.

Now, read through all the reviews on that site. Pay attention not so much as to what people say is good (which they will often exaggerate*) but what they say is bad. Consider if you can live with those problems.

*Particularly ignore ANYTHING positive they say about the accuracy (most people don't want to admit the best group they can shoot isn't very good, because it can make it sound like they're not as good a shot as the other reviewers), especially any open ended claims like "REALLY ACCURATE" - for all you know, they consider getting a 2" group at 8 yards accurate.
In fact, take any open ended claim about anything with a pinch of salt.

I had to go through a similar situation not all that long ago, choosing between the Weihrauch 97K and TX200 HC, two top end underlever springers (The TX goes for $569 on Pyramid air - without a scope) with very little between them.

The thing that eventually got the TX into my hands?
Mainly the fact that the TX had an anti-beartrap catch not present on the 97K - but many people would choose quite the opposite for the same reason. And a pinch of the fact that it was the shorter rifle.

For an example of something you could listen to about accuracy, I give you what I would say about the TX:
Accuracywise, I can tell you I am capable of getting my TX to shoot groups a little over 1/4" CTC at 20 yards with 7.9 grain Crosman Premiers (At about 800 fps), although I'm not nearly good enough to do that on a regular basis. It can probably do better - I know, and fully admit, that I'm the weak link between me, my rifle and scope.
If someone gives you that much information, they're probably being honest and accurate - and it's important that you are the weak link in your shooting. If you're more accurate than your rifle, you need a new rifle.
Also, 800 fps may sound low, but it's actually quite high for an air rifle in the UK.

Personally, of those three, (and not having spent much time reading the reviews - and certainly not knowing what you value) I probably wouldn't pick the Beeman RS1. If you read the site's recommended use, they recommend "Plinking/fun" - listing plinking as a primary function is basically an admission that it's lacking in accuracy. (Open the specifications list)
It may be all right, but I'd be on the wary side based on that.

Between the other two, the scope in the G1 Xtreme combo might be worth it alone, because having the fixed power scope of the other deal will limit what you can feasibly do with it.

With springers, it's often also worth going for the heaviest one you can comfortably handle, because a bit of extra weight helps damp the spring vibrations on firing - and therefore, generally, a heavy springer is more likely to be accurate.

The G1 is heavier than the 1000, which is probably a good thing accuracy wise - on the downside, it's also 4 inches longer, which will be less convenient.
But then, again, the length thing is a personal opinion of mine. When making the prototype custom stock for my TX (bottom of the two, the top one is the original), I deliberately took the opportunity to change the grip shape so I could shorten the butt (bringing the overall length down to about 37"). You may well not have the same opinions on rifle length.

Anyway, that was enough of a rant on my own personal air rifle opinions, most of which someone else would completely disagree with. Hope that helps somewhat.
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Unread postAuthor: jackssmirkingrevenge » Fri Nov 28, 2008 8:25 am

In that price range, I'd expect them to be all of similar quality and performance, I would suggest going for the one which suits you best. Not that you can try them on for size through mail order, I would recommend actually shouldering the various options at a gun shop bfore deciding.
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