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Locke vs Hobbes, and Hobbes is winning

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Locke vs Hobbes, and Hobbes is winning

Unread postAuthor: saladtossser » Tue May 23, 2006 6:48 pm

our civics class is going to debate with our civics teacher individually, we can pick the side of Locke or the side of Hobbes
and for those who dont know who they are, then imagine democracy(Locke) vs dictatorship(Hobbes)

practicing in class sucks, nobody can defeat our teachers strong points:

-with free education, children will take it for granted, they do not value education as a property
that is why children in China, Singapore and some other countries, recieve better education, because they view school as a property.
nobody could come up with a good rebuttal to that one

-Stalin can win WWII without any help, his 5 year plans for industrialization is what drove the nazisback into germany.
when we bring up d-day, he says it did not win the war, stalin did, and asks us what if stalin didnt fight the germans

-Stalin only killed 20 million people to protect his nation, when people oppose him, they jepordize soviet chances of winning WWII
our counterpoint is that killing million people is wrong to begin with
then he just tells us we would all be hailing hitler if those 20 mil lived

help me beat him, everyone is stumped at these three arguments, and this is worth a lot of marks
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Unread postAuthor: zvallance1 » Tue May 23, 2006 7:24 pm

for the first part at least, i wouldnt make a rebuttal for it, id argue with it.
something like "they dont recieve a better education because they have any more oppurtunities to, its because they are in 3rd world countries (essentialyl) and they basically take refuge in their studies because its a way to escape the harsh realities that are their lives...they're just more dedicated than americans like us, who are so spoiled and think that no matter what we do, we'll come out on top.

mind you, thats just what i came up with after about 30 sec of brainstorming, if no1 else comes up with anything you can use, ill come up with something way better.
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