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"Offtopic-posts-topic" NSFW

All non-spudgun related discussion goes here such as projects, theories, serious questions, etc. All "off-topic" posts (aka useless posting, determined by moderators) will be removed.
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Re: "Offtopic-posts-topic" NSFW

Unread postAuthor: Gun Freak » Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:23 am

wyz2285 wrote:Remember to use a hairmet! :lol:
Joke aside, put at least a front suspension and disc brake.

Front suspension has been added, I'll deal with disc brakes on the next build!

mark.f wrote:Nice, more details on the engine? I feel like you could get about the same speed pedalling really, really hard though. :D

Just a cheap Chinese 50cc, part of the popular kit sold on eBay. I have a 66cc that I will modify heavily before installing on the next build!

jackssmirkingrevenge wrote:Ah, looks like it's powered by a hybrid chamber driving a captive reciprocating piston! Step by step, we're finally getting there :D

Hate to rain on your parade but I have since modified it to a pneumatic engine fueled by a Scuba tank and 400 psi from my fridge compressor... :D But actually, I am experimenting with air engines again and I want to build an air bike... had a dream last night that I made a "hybrid" gas engine/compressed air engine bike, and it was quite satisfying. But, in no way shape or form does that coincide with my feelings for hybrid cannons... :wink:

Zeus wrote:GF, thought you didn't like hybrids....

On the topic of those doodads, I wouldn't bother touching the carby, not much gain there really. Whip the head off, tidy up the ports with a dremel, chuck on a banana pipe if you're really keen, then drop a few teeth on the rear sprocket if it accelerates well. Should up the top speed. Then buy a motorbike because motorbikes are awesome

All things I am considering on my next bike! Now that I have a machine shop, I want to CNC a high comp head as well, and I plan on chopping off the back end of the frame and adding a rear suspension 8) should be a pretty sweet ride. Taking inspiration from the holy grail of motorbikes.
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Re: "Offtopic-posts-topic" NSFW

Unread postAuthor: jackssmirkingrevenge » Wed Aug 16, 2017 3:55 am

Gun Freak wrote:Taking inspiration from the holy grail of motorbikes.



I am experimenting with air engines again and I want to build an air bike...

Couple of CF SCUBA tanks, that would be an interesting project actually. Not as power dense as a hybrid, of course ;) but if you used a turbine instead of a reciprocating engine it would sound pretty neat.

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