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SAFE Makeshift Explosives In Australia

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SAFE Makeshift Explosives In Australia

Unread postAuthor: watto » Thu Dec 14, 2006 8:12 pm

Hi all,
I have been looking for somewhere to make my first post but I cant find any discussion that I would add something to, so I thought I would write about what I know, which is how to make safe explosives without gunpowder in Australia. I dont know If im in the right forum here or if this is in breech of any forum rules to talk about harmless bombs, but I have read others post about fireworks and making things that explode. Also this site "bcarms" that this place seems to be affiliated with sells KNO3 so It cant be that bad to talk about some fun little "bombs" that sensible adults (with the correct qualifications) can have some fun on private property with can it? Please let me know if I am in breech of any rules or if there is a better place for this topic.

As most pyromaniac Aussies like myself know, you cant get fireworks or gunpowder in pretty much all of Australia. There is one exception which is the Northern Territory, the most of which is a hell hole infested by petrol sniffing aboriginals. The only reason any sane person would go there is if they were getting 70 odd bucks an hour to drive a truck up there, alot of these truck drivers buy alot of fireworks and resell them down here in Perth for outrageous prices. So if you work on site like me you can get fairly shitty usually small fireworks if you are willing to pay big bucks. The other option is to either know someone whose going to Tialand or Bali and get them to smuggle some back for you or try to find an online chemical shop who will send over some potassium nitrate, which is possible but if customs gets them you will get a warning and your house will be flagged for customs searches with every overseas delivery (I know from experience)

Since most people cant be bothered with any of the above methods, people looked for other ways to blow crap up without gunpowder. I am aware of about 15 different ways to get a big bang with easily obtained ingredients but since I don't want anyone blowing up buildings or making anything that is to dangerous for a beginner, I will only list a couple of simple foolproof bombs that cant really hurt you unless you stand right next to them. I realize most people already know these but just incase here you are:

The "nang" Bomb
You know those things you put in a machine that puts bubbles into cordial to make cool drink? Well go get a box of the small version of them the only place I know where to get them is from FAL cash and carry but you need to be a union member or own your own business to shop there so check all different supermarkets they might have them, they are only 3 bucks for 10. The big ones are like 30cm long and hard to blow up, the small ones are maybe 10cm long and perfect for blowing up a wooden letterbox, if your target is a metal letterbox then use a minimum of 5 (if you spot one of the yellow bottled glass letterboxes you've hit the jackpot!). First off get a few boxes of sparklers and grab 8 out (you can blow one up with 4 but it is in-consistent) now put the sparklers evenly around the "nang" as we call them and twist the metal part that you hold around in a knot so the nang is held in the middle. You may also want to put some tape or foil around it to bring the sparklers as close to the nang as possible. Now put it in the dodgyest looking wooden letterbox you can find, chuck in a plastic cup filled with petrol and new deodorant can if you want an extra bang and light it. You dont have to run to far because the metal deoderent can and the nang will burst not shatter so just watch out for bits of letter box. And there you have it. I have spent many a Friday night of my much younger days drunk (among other things....) staggering around my neighborhood stealing flares from boats and blowing the crap out of letter boxes with nangs. (-Just a safety warning DO NOT inhale these nangs like aboriginals do, it will cause serious brain damage I have been told.)

"The Hydrochloric Acid Bomb" - don't worry its not as dangerous as it sounds

Most people would have heard of a "dry ice bomb" well this is the same as that except you don't need dry ice (which is hard to get and expensive) all you need is some hydrochloric acid which all pool owners like myself will have in their sheds and a bit of aluminum or zinc. First off get a drink bottle (390ml coke bottles require less acid but make a louder bang for some reason) now chuck about 1/2 a cup of acid in there (less if you want a longer fuse) and then roll up some foil real toite like a tiger and chuck it in. If you want it to go quickly shake the bottle up to the chuck it. Don't worry it will usually be about 30 secs before it explodes and you can see the bottle expanding before the big bang so you have warning. Make sure you are fairly far away for this one because standing close can send you deaf for a few hours. When I explodes a thick cloud of white hydrogen gas (correct me if im wrong) is created which is very flammable so if you can get a flaming rag to actually stay alite through the explosion you will get a huge fire storm too (mix oil and/or alot of Styrofoam in with petrol to get a flame thats harder to blow out - also flares are good if you have them). Another way to get a bigger bang is to use a glass bottle which is much more dangerous because you cant see when its expanding and about to blow. Also If you want a longer fuse wrap glad wrap around the foil and If you want revenge against someone put one on their lawn and it will kill all their plants and grass (I mean everything) You could also put things inside the bottle if you had a large property but I will let you use your imagination AND common sense.

My next post will be about the law and spud guns as I have alot of experience in this feild (caught 6 times with different spudguns). So stay tuned it will be prolly today or tomorrow.

Have Fun and be safe, good on ya

WATTO Watson

Both of these bombs are only meant to be used on private property by the holder of a valid shotfirers ticket these instructions are not intended to be attempted by an unqualified person.
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Unread postAuthor: PCGUY » Thu Dec 14, 2006 8:30 pm

I hate to do this to your first post but I am going to have to lock this.

This website is based in America and in America any sort of bomb is STRONGLY looked down upon. Making any sort of home explosive, even as a tiny firework is highly illegal without a federal license for it. For that reason, I can't let the discussion of such things occur on this website.

I understand you want to be safe and sensible about it, however your discussions about it will have to be on another website, or via another use on this website via AIM.

BTW Black powder isn't a very good explosive. Nor is KNO3 a very good ingredient for an explosive. They work but... there are much better materials to be had.
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