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Power Outage in Western Washington.

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Power Outage in Western Washington.

Unread postAuthor: Pete Zaria » Wed Dec 20, 2006 8:33 pm

We had a huge windstorm (120+ mph winds at the coast, 90+ mph inland where I live) blow through western Washington (west coast of the USA) last Wed (one week ago today). Most people have power back now, but out in the country where I live, it'll be another two days before we get our power back. This is a problem because it's very cold here (as low as 25F at night) right now (so we're all forced to use wood fireplaces to heat our houses), and most people out here are on well water (which requires power) so water is in very tight supply also. Luckily we have a small generator (just enough to power the well) so we have water, but no heat, refrigerator, etc...

Anyway, to the fun part. Because of the windstorm, there are lots of fallen trees, and half-fallen trees (nicknamed widow-makers). Widowmakers are usually snagged on another tree/branch, power lines, etc... and are "waiting to fall", so to speak.

I've been launching concrete-filled caulk tubes at all the widowmakers on my property and nearby, trying to knock them down. I've shot probably around 20, and knocked down three. It's impressive to see them go down, and a lot of fun. It's about all the entertainment avalible with no power.

I'm at my grandma's house (30 min away) for the night, using her Internet and shower... hot water feels *way* better than it should after a week.


Pete Zaria.
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Pete Zaria
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