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A Full Bore PCP Air Rifle

Post questions and info about pneumatic (compressed gas) powered cannons here. This includes discussion about valves, pipe types, compressors, alternate gas setups, and anything else relevant.
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Unread postAuthor: Gippeto » Sun Apr 21, 2013 12:20 am

Forget I said anything then...
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"It could be that the purpose of your life is to serve as a warning to others" – unknown

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Unread postAuthor: jackssmirkingrevenge » Sun Apr 21, 2013 1:36 am

Flintlock wrote:First, the bolt doesn't have any practicle use except as a handle to cock the hammer. The designer could simply seal off the back end of the barrel and make a seprate handle for the hammer to achieve the same function.

Not quite.

JSR earlier wrote:The bolt is pulled back, exposing the magazine port and simultaneously cocking the hammer

You need to open the breech, load a new projectile by pushing the plunger, then close the breech again. Since this is a necessary action, the designer has cleverly made it also cock the hammer, killing two birds with one stone.

Second, after the hammer strike, it will stay in the position that pushes open the gas valve causing the gase in the reservoir to empty, wasting most of the gas. this problem, however can be overcomed by using a spring that is slightly shorter than the length of the hammer housing, so the hammer strike the valve with its momentun, and is pushed back afterwards by the valve.

That is pretty much how I drew it. In my diagram, the system is at rest, the spring is at full extension and not touching the valve.

In short, I stand by my original interpretation of the mechanism :)
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hectmarr wrote:You have to make many weapons, because this field is long and short life
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Unread postAuthor: tigerblues28 » Sun Apr 21, 2013 11:45 am

Gippeto wrote:Forget I said anything then...

Once I get home ill post a could things. No hard feelings I'm just messing around with you.

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