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Dream cannon

A place to ask general spud cannon related questions.
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Re: Dream cannon

Unread postAuthor: WOW!! » Sun Aug 20, 2006 7:52 pm

rmich732 wrote:
WOW!! wrote: ...with 4 of my 4"piston valves...

Have you made 4" piston valves? Or is this just if you are able too?

I would never, EVER want to deal with a 100' 2" barrel... a true PITA to transport, load ammo, store, support, etc....

My dream cannon would use dual 6" SCH 80 chambers, each 5' long. They would be connected to a tee using dual 4" piston valves (3" porting), unless I am able to upgrade my piston valve size to 6" with 4" porting (haven't attempted to do this yet)

The tee would be 6". It would allow the usage of interchangeable barrels. There would be a 6" SCH 40 X 10', 6" SCH 80 X 10', 4" SCH 40 X 15', 4" SCH 80 X 15', 3" SCH 40 X 20', and 3" SCH 80 X 20'.

All of these barrels would be annoying to transport and stuff. But because the whole setup is flat, it could simply be mounted to a large piece of plywood.

I just checked, and I could build this project (with just the 6" SCH 40 X 10' barrel) for just under $600.00. Its a lot, I know... but is it inconceivable :P ?

Yea I made one, 4" in and 4 out
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Re: Dream cannon

Unread postAuthor: Velocity » Sun Aug 20, 2006 8:16 pm

WOW!! wrote:
Yea I made one, 4" in and 4 out

wow, thats awesome. can you post a picture of it? Or have you already? (sorry, I was on vacation for a week, so i'm not so up to date)
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