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Shotgun style loading Cannon

A place to ask general spud cannon related questions.
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Shotgun style loading Cannon

Unread postAuthor: CS » Wed Mar 23, 2005 8:10 pm

ok heres what im thinking if you could make a gun that loads like a shotgun with the ammo in a tube underneath and then when you cock it another peice of ammo is loaded. Then i was thinking how you would have to load it and everything and seeing as potatos come in all different sizes they wouldnt be a good ammo because you want everything to be close to the same size so i thought golf balls. Now i have two different ideas but was hoping you could fine tune these ideas or give me a whole new idea.

The first one is more complicated and i would be exactly like a shot gun and you would have some type of lever that open and closes like a shotgun. When you slide it back the golf ball would catch on something "prying" open the latch which would be close as soon as the golf ball was clear of that latch then it would be loaded then you would slide the grip forward so it was ready to load for the next time. This idea im not to wild about cause there is greater chance of things breaking on the inside shooting springs out and making it very hard to fix because it is a internal problem. Dont worry if this is going over your head or you plain dont just get it wait a while and ill have pictures so you can hopefully understand it better.

Second idea which i belive will be simpler is you use a 1 1/2 tube above the barrel which the golf balls will fit in and below it on the barrel its self you would use the breach loading idea (look for it on How-To forum). Then you would have a tube leading from the tube above which would be vertical so when you slide the pipe on the breach forward a golf ball from above would fall in then you would slide the pipe on the breach back so they wont fall in while you shoot. Using same pricapel as a paintball hopper and a paint ball adapter for a blow gun. So its basically just using gravity to load it. Sorry but i now know this is the approiate time for the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words" I will have pictures shortly. Thank you :D
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Unread postAuthor: iamthewalrus » Wed Mar 23, 2005 8:24 pm

i really like the idea, so is the tube on top going to have a spring to push the balls forword to the dropping hole?? because if not wont the balls just roll around in the tube no matter the position of the slide and im jsut wondering how r u going to put more ammo in the tube if there is a spring at the end of it. it ihtnk i know what ur trying to say but im just a little confused on thoughs things.
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