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Just build a cannon and want to show it off? Post it in here.

Postby jimmy » Wed Feb 07, 2007 11:46 am

Good first gun. My suggestions, for this and subsequent guns;

Definetely get rid of the "spark box" that came with the BBQ ignitor. You don't want to restrict the flame front by having it in a box. A pair of screws, or better yet, several pairs of screws, will work much better. When you chop off the "spark box" you can add aligator clips to the wires. That way you can move a single sparker from gun to gun. (Solder the clips to the wires if you can.)

Is the muzzle beveled? Hard to tell in the photo. Double beveling the barrel will make loading easier and increase performance somewhat.

No chamber fan? A chamber fan is probably the mod that is the easiest to do and gives the greatest return. A fuel meter is nice but a fan is easier and probably accomplishes more in terms of performance.
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Postby FLONE » Wed Feb 07, 2007 5:55 pm

As for the igniter screws, #6x32 threaded rod or machine bolts are nice, micro adjustable once installed. Drill holes either 90 or 180 degrees apart, try to make the bolts line up. Sharpen the ends so the spark can jump easier. Double nut each bolt so you can secure the wires.
You can find pictures in the Forums showing various igniter configurations. Regular drywall screws work also, a bit tougher to secure the wiring. Take your time and good luck. read the Forums and incorporate some of the ideas in your next big thing.
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