First pneumatic (correct my spelling)

Just build a cannon and want to show it off? Post it in here.

Postby Arborman495 » Wed Feb 07, 2007 7:08 pm

This is my first pneumatic. It is a product of the "very quiet tree entry cannon" topic in the newb section. My thanks go out to clide for his help with the antenna launchers link.

Yes, I know to put the fill valve and psi gauge in double thick areas. This gun is (primarily;)) used at low pressure.

I am going to put a Tee muzzle break on it sooner or later.
<a href="">Overall</a>

<a href="">Overall 2</a>

<a href="">Valve</a>

<a href="">Before paint</a></center>

Yes, the valve is actuated through the solenoid port.

Edit: Corrected spelling and added hyperlinks.
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Postby Iowaengineer » Wed Feb 07, 2007 7:37 pm

Small and mean. Love the paint job. What kind of ammunition are you going to use?
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Postby Duodec » Wed Feb 07, 2007 7:51 pm

Looks nice! I like the look and orientation of the blowgun, how does that affect performance?
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Postby Arborman495 » Wed Feb 07, 2007 8:05 pm

Thank you, This sucker is prety mean.

The ammunition I use for fun is dome tipped pycrete slugs. Freaking Awesomeness!!!

I also use this litte t-ball bat (wooden) as the ramrod and a rocket (5-7 pounds). This gun will get that to about 250 to 350 feet up on the max pressure I am willing to use.

For climbing I us 1.25 inch rockets that are weighted to about a pound and are about a foot long. They have a little eye hook for the throwline on the front.

The orintation of the blowgun does affect peformance a little. If you look at the thread that helped me build this, I was going for quiet over power. For this valve,(rainbird cp-100?) it is very hard to find a place to put in the blowgun. I used a 1"? plug, sealed with epoxy, in the solenoid port. Next time i will use an orbit watermaster. This gun is also almost as quiet as I wanted.

My pnuematic is a huge improvement over my fist two combustions.

I will open the valve up and show some of the things I did to it tommorrow.
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Postby pbmann123 » Wed Feb 07, 2007 8:25 pm

One thing I noticed, and this might be different from where I am. The bell reducer is probably dwv. They don't make, or atleast they don't ditribute near me, pw bell reducers. The only way to accoplish that function is either with the bell and a reducing bushing, or a coupling and a reducing bushing. but other than that nice cannon, very nice job.

Just out of curiosity, did you bore out the solenoid hole comming in from the top of the diaphram?
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Postby clide » Wed Feb 07, 2007 9:42 pm

Looks good, glad you figured out something that would work for you.
The DWV reducer should be fine at lower pressures, but all pressure rated fittings would be ideal.

A longer barrel, or a smaller chamber at higher pressure should be quieter for a given performance level. And I have never tried it, but a porting the end of the barrel would probably reduce the noise some as well.

Edit: Why is the safety tip of the blowgun off in the unpainted picture, but back on after it is painted? Removing the safety tip should help with performance some.
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Postby fullmetaljacket » Wed Feb 07, 2007 11:25 pm

nicely done :D <small>and i can see why you were asking about a muzzle brake to reduce flip [:0]
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Postby BewareOfDog » Thu Feb 08, 2007 12:23 am

I was (key word: <b>WAS</b>) in one of those moods tonight... When I first saw the title of your topic, I thought: "Correct your OWN spelling, damnit!"

But when I opened your first picture, I said out loud: "Woah!... That's [intercourse]in' COOL!"

- Hey, great job on your first pneumatic! The fat/compact look just kicks ass and the camo paint job makes it look even better. Very seldom do I think: "Man, I'm gonna build one like that" - Not since Mr.Plow built a compact little "ketchup packet" launcher, with a Tee muzzle break.


This modification:

<center><a href=""><img src=""></a></center>

(Flush-mount gauge -Both the Female Quick-Disconnect & gauge mounted through the bell reducer) would be the only thing I would change. - Once again, great job!
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Postby Arborman495 » Thu Feb 08, 2007 4:46 pm

Wow, thank you all very much for the good comments. I put the safety tip on when I was thinking about muzzle breaks and observing what it did while firing. Thats why.

I didnt put the gauge and female quick connect through the double layer because I use this thing at lower pressures most of the time;). Nice photo modification, DR.

More pics of the valve ... 5/Mk-4.jpg ... 5/Mk-5.jpg

I will eventually drill away the part of the plug that blocks half of the hole.

thank you for the spelling corrections
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Postby Los Frijoles » Thu Feb 08, 2007 5:52 pm

That is a nice valve mod there. I don't think I have ever seen it that way before (although it's probably been done and I can't remember:mrgreen:).
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