Large flame?

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Postby GalFisk » Wed Feb 28, 2007 8:49 am

If you want a more visible flame, the sodium in ordinary table salt will color it bright orange. The effect lasts for some time after firing salt out of your barrel, I think if you want a better coating you can pour brine through it and let it dry.
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Postby Gramanam011 » Wed Feb 28, 2007 2:17 pm

All kinds of different compound change the color of the flame here are some of them.

<center>Color Element <b>[common compounds]</b></center>

<font color="red"><b>Red:</b></font>                             Lithium <b>[Li2CO3]</b>, Strontium <b>[SrCO3, Sr(NO3)2]</b>

<font color="orange"><b>Orange:</b></font>                       Calcium <b>[CaCO3, CaSO4]</b>

<font color="yellow"><b>Yellow</b></font>                         Sodium <b>[NaCl, NaNO3, Na2CO3]</b>

<font color="yellow"><b>Yellowish</b></font>-<font color="green"><b>Green</b></font>          Boron <b>[Borax - Na2B4O7]</b>

<font color="green"><b>Green</b></font>                          Barium <b>[Ba(NO3)2, BaCl2]</b>, Copper <b>[CuSO4]</b>

<font color="blue"><b>Blue</b></font>                             Copper <b>[CuO, CuCO3]</b>, Copper Halides <b>[CuCl2]</b>

<font color="#9805c9"><b>Purple</b></font>-<font color="violet"><b>Violet</b></font>               Potassium <b>[KClO3, KCl, KNO3, K2SO4]</b>

<font color="white"><b>White</b></font>-<font color="silver"><b>Silver</b></font>                Aluminum, Magnesium, Titanium

I got this from ... _Test.html

Edit: Sorry, there should be several spaces between the color and the compound but the forum (or whatever) got rid of them.

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Postby GalFisk » Thu Mar 01, 2007 12:41 pm

Pretty :p
Sodum gives the most intense color, unless you count the burning of Al, Mg or Ti which is not recommended in a spudgun, and may fall under the 'incendiary round' definition.
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