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Discuss spud cannon legalities.

Postby cozzab » Mon Apr 17, 2006 5:49 am

for all of those wanting to own a spudgun in aus dont it is illeagal and you will get charger with discharge and possesion of a firearm me and my cousins found this out the hard way after blasting a potatoe through an iron shed
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Postby Los Frijoles » Mon Apr 17, 2006 7:39 am

Is it illegal to own any kind of gun out in australia? If so then HOLY CRAP! You have a frekin' huge backyard to shoot in!

EDIT: I don't know much about rules in other nations as I have to try to obey the law here in the US...
Los Frijoles
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Postby spuzi14 » Mon Apr 17, 2006 11:03 am

Through an iron shed?

Thats an ultra waste of space if they dont allow an guns at all...
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Postby Razer88 » Fri May 05, 2006 8:49 pm

No Crap all that Space and No Guns!? thats like haveing Roads But you cant have cars! lol
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Postby fox_shooter2 » Tue May 09, 2006 3:47 am

We can have guns, just the crap ones! Well, maybe not crap but we are severely limited (in my eyes) and for no good reason (I do not beleive we are safer than we were 20 years ago).

Spudguns are illegal, unless you register them, but who'd go to that trouble. Don't get caught is the motto here.
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Postby ryanpowell167 » Tue May 09, 2006 3:48 pm

You can actually register a spudgun? Is it that common of a thing for them to allow registration?
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Postby fox_shooter2 » Tue May 09, 2006 7:29 pm

Ive never heard of a spudgun being registered. I beleive the have to be 'safe' in the eyes of the law and a plastic cannon would pass no such inspection [:0]. Plus, if its classed as a firearm its illeagal to build your own, if its viewed as a cannon and thought to be safe then you might have a chance. They do say a cannon has to be registered to be used but I beleive they mean black powder ones, spudguns may get through on a loophole though. Might be the difference when caught though of 'in possession of a banned firearm' to 'in possession of an unregistered firearm', thats if you have a gun licence.

Whatever anyone does though, dont quote me and if its to the cops dont mention me at all!;) Im only 70% sure anyway.

EDIT: One other thing. You may be able to register one here but you also have the licence catagory to own it. It may be registerable but not owned by you without getting a catagory 'E' licence.

All in all, its a joke (the 'safe' Australia gun laws).
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Postby TurboSuper » Tue May 09, 2006 7:59 pm

From what I've noticed its mostly a matter of not getting a dickhead of a cop catching you. Cops are just regular dudes in uniform most of the time, and will probably find the whole idea pretty cool provided you are being safe about it.

Some however, are ex High School bullies who went nowhere in life and strive to make other people miserable by becoming cops (anyone guess what movie that's from?):mrgreen: get my point, in my opinion, its usually luck over law.
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Postby teegman » Mon Jul 17, 2006 11:29 am

The laws concerning spudlaunchers seem to differ from state to state in Australia. I have checked out my state's (SA) illegal weapons list and nowhere on it are spudlaunchers or anything like them. I have also asked in uniform police officers about them and the general responce is 'just don't get caught doing anything stupid with them'. I really don't know exactly where I stand legally, but it does seem that aslong as i'm not doing anything stupid with it the police are happy to just let them slide.
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Postby fox_shooter2 » Tue Jul 18, 2006 6:04 am

So much for Prime minister John Howards famed 'national gun law system'. Thanks for the info.
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