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pint sized LRPL-01

Unread postPosted: Mon May 02, 2005 6:29 pm
Author: spudshot
this is a mini version of plasticex009's LRPL-01, the chamber is 2" and the barrel is 1", the piston is a 1.5" coupling with some slivers of 1.5" inside, the metal pieces are some brass parts from a lamp i believe, and the sealing material is sheet rubber. i lubricate the piston with Prestone Silicone Lubricant to make it actuate faster, i'm not sure if it works any better, but it seems too. it's a bit messy because i didnt find any clear primer until i was almost done with the project. the solenoid and fill system are the same from my copper piston cannon, i cant afford to buy a new valve now, i'm saving for 6" fittings for a combustion. there are two bumpers pictured, one is 19/32 rubber hose cut in half, the other is 1/4" air hose. i use both to make sure the piston is stopped well. just a few leaks to work out, but other than that this thing was louder and more powerful than i had expected. no damage pics, i cant get outside to shoot, too cold, and too much snow.