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Choosing Ammo / it's intention / my experience

Unread postPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2016 11:56 pm
Author: Hurricane Air Arms
Hey guys

Having been around a few air gunners and forums the first of many questions asked is usually ammo, what type and how big. For this all you really need to do is THINK about what you want it to do and what it's needed for. ~ ~

Work out the desired terminal ballistics of your project (effect on the target)

Does it have to be powerful and accurate? Or slow? Light?, small?

Backyard shooting? - probably just BB's (especially if safety is key)
Hunting? (Pointed pellets/pellets)
Fully automatic backyard plinking? (Plastic BB's are ideal for this, inexpensive and numerous)

If you're just hitting cans - use BB's, plastic is good, and maybe some steel for that harder hitting power!

Pointed slugs/pellets or BB's?

4.5mm - 6mm BB's are commonly used in projects, but I've used 9mm and it hits VERY HARD but has a huge drop, almost immediately out of the barrel (Ball Valve test).

Custom ammunition like waxed sabots and slugs are very fun and usually inexpensive and modular. They can be made for ANY BARREL! Making wax a very good material.

Hope this helps point you guys in the right direction!