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GGDT problem?

Unread postPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2006 3:17 am
Author: Copperboy
I've recently downloaded the GGDT. And I must say it's a hell of a program! :D
But I just wonder, when I type in measures in the box of the outer diam. for reservoir data, the volume changes :?
Shouldn't the volume ONLY be defined by the INNER diam???
Have i got something wrong here :? :lol:

Unread postPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2006 3:20 pm
Author: boilingleadbath
Yeah, read the documentation.
The diameters of the chamber define the air volume in it; the outside is the interior of the pipe, and the interior cavity is there for if you have a cylindrical object in your chamber. (such as a barrel in a co-axial design)

...I bet you'll be pleasently surprised when you do this and notice that your velocities are much higher.

Unread postPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2006 3:46 am
Author: Copperboy
:shock: Thanks Alot! :P That's a pretty smart feature I gotta admit...when you know about it! :roll: