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Unread postPosted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 6:47 pm
Author: metallover
Update! $35 bought me a husky regulator, mr heater propane adapter, and suitable hose with a couple of pipe clamps to boot. I am very happy with my setup now. There were no leaks with the new pipe and clamps. I didn't even need overtighten and ruin the new pipe clamps! :)

Some things are showing their age however. I am having problems with my ignition system with will probably need to be dealt with down the road. It doesn't spark every time and the button is also starting to fail. A change of batteries should fix half of the sparking issue. One of the magnets that held on my propane tank fell off. The camlocks are starting to get hard to close.

It took awhile to find the right pressure with the sparking problem, but I finally found the right range. I need about 75-90psi for a good shot. 80 is a good pressure to aim for and if it's a little off it isn't too bad.

I've got a couple small, old, and broken TV's that need to be destroyed...:wink:

Here's a couple pics of my new setup. I will shorten the hose once the glue holding on the magnet sets.



And now that it's so easy to measure out the propane, I really want a BALL VALVE. I'll do some searching but if anyone want to tell me in advance what size is best and how I could attach it that would be great.