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keeping track of thread subscriptions

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keeping track of thread subscriptions

Unread postAuthor: longshot1068 » Mon Nov 28, 2005 1:44 am

I am a member of another forum where : when you post in a thread, a check mark appears next to the thread in which you posted. That way when you want to follow up on the progress of a certain thread you can look for the check marks instead of trying to remeber exactly what thread you posted in. It might make things a little easier when trying to keep track of all the threads that you have participated in.

***EDIT (additions)***

and not to be be insulting but isnt it a bit redundant to have an off topic area and a non spudgun area? you should combine those sections, because after all the primary reason for this forum is to discuss spudguns. Anything that falls under the categories of motorvehicles, dentistry, balogny sandwiches and general chit chat about grannies dogs veteranarians 4th cousin twice removed are ALL off topic pertaining to spudguns. Im a big fan of OT banter but it should all be under one section.

on the other forum the members have to earn their right for custom avatars and sigs( i know you have to earn bux to buy a sig here), the member has to make a certain amount of posts to earn the right to have a custom avatar; this prevents a new person from joining, soaking up bandwidth with sigs and avatars just to ask 2 or 3 questions and never being seen again. bandwidth costs money as im sure you know. If you set a specific amount os posts as opposed to a specific amount of bux, the standard for everyone would equal as opposed to having random amounts of posts to equal bux. and take away the bux for nonsense OT stuff.it will cut down on people using that to inflate post counts.

I hope my input is useful, i mean no harm to the well being of the forum or those who run it.
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