Computer Applications

The certain members of the spudding community have written computer programs pertaining to spudguns:

the Gas Gun Design Tool

Written by David Hall (D_hall of the SGTC), it is the most commonly used program to predict pneumatic cannon performance, and is free for the download at Hall's website.

Accuracy of the predictions is typcialy within 5-10% of the actual value, although there has not been much testing of very long where the (unaccounted for) flow resistance due to barrel length is significant, or very high pressure launchers where the non-modeled liquification of the propellent gas(ses) may take place.


Standing for Compressed Air Launcher Model this is a Pneumatic Launcher simulator program by AKB of the SGTC. Since it is written in the Python programming language you can read the code and see how it works. It is not graphical, but produces tables of pressure, velocity, height, etc.

CALM can be downloaded at .


EVBEC stands for Energy & Volume Based Estimator for Combustions. Written by boilingleadbath, it is based on Latke's chamber:barrel test data.


A great spudding tool made by Boogieman. Click here to try it out


Spud Caculators galore. Requires Microsoft Excel. Download

Unit Converter

I just found this a long time ago and is really handy when converting metric pipe sizes to U.S. sizes. Download

Other Caculators

[1] [2] [3]

Works in progress