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27 June 2008

1) "A basic combustion cannon is the simplest one to build" refers to combustion cannons only, not to all canons. It expands upon the preceeding sentence and doesn't appear to be unreasonably opinionated when taken in context of the paragraph; A combustion cannon is a cannon powered by the combustion of flammable fuel-air mixtures. A basic combustion cannon is the simplest one to build, and is therefore often the choice for first time builders...

2) It is pretty unlikely that Kylon "is the most common type of spray paint used on potato cannons", though it may well the the most often recomended.

3) "... you can be considered 100% safe." Perhaps a bit over stated but a properly built basic combustion should never fail. A failure means something was wrong with the gun or how it was used. Of course, a "basic" gun means propane (or similar fuel) + air at 1X, not acetylene + oxygen at 5x. The other aspect of safety has nothing to do with the structural integrity of the gun. If the gun misfires and you look into the muzzle to see what's wrong, well then ...

Many of the pages in the Wiki were written "on the fly" and have not been edited much from the orignal versions. Pretty much every page has unsupported opinions, poor choice of words, odd English useage etc.

26 June 2008

"A basic combustion cannon is the simplest one to build"

Now that is a bold statement. Combustion and pneumatic launchers in there simplest form are comparably easy to make. So is this statement even necessary? If the statement is necessary at least include the premises upon which you made that conclusion. Perhaps it has fewer critical components, or it is cheaper, or whatever. Alone it is extremely opinionated.

"Krylon Fusion, a type of paint specifically made for plastics, is the most common type of spray paint used on potato cannons."

While I don't think we need to go about and cite our sources, but I want to know how it is verifiable to say Krylon Fusion is the staple paint brand when it comes to painting potato cannons. Maybe mention that the Krylon is a major manufacture of paint, and that there Fusion line is specifically made for PVC among other plastics.

"When using a normal fuel, pressure rated pipe and fittings and have properly solvent welded all of the joints, you can be considered 100% safe."

Who the f*ck said that?

Why don't I just go in and edit everything myself? I intend to, but first I must understand what we are going for here. Seems a lot of people are wingin' it with some opinionated bull.

Unknown Date

Hey, where's that trouble shooting guide?

9 March 2008

I've removed Bigbob's edit: "bigbob edit, above it says they are the simplest to build this is not true. Pnuematics are much easier to build and oprerate."

Since the preceeding sentence, and the page itself, is concerned with combustion guns the reference to pneumatics is not relevant. A basic combustion is indeed the simplest combustion gun to build.

A paragraph saying that a pneumatic may be a easier to build than a combustion may be appropriate, but that I believe the statment is debatable.