How to RESIZE images before uploading!

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<font color="green">Originally posted by DR. Reposted by me because stupid Snitz stuck it in the archives</font>

Rule #6 of the Forum Rules and Regulations:
Do not post pictures that are larger than 800 pixels by 600 pixels and 100kb in size. If your image is bigger, then link to that picture.

For those of you who use Image Shack, Village Photos, etc. --large pictures devour bandwith. Resizing your pictures to 50% of their original size sometimes cuts down the file to less than 10% of its original size.

Here is a simple procedure for those of you who do not know how to resize pictures:

1.)<a href="">Original photo</a> (22.9KB)

2.)Right-click on the file you want to resize. A box will appear, and you'll highlight and select <a href="">"EDIT"</a>

3.)This will open Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. The top Menu will show:

File Edit View Image Colors Help... At this time, you'll left-click <a href="">Image</a>

4.)A menu will appear, and you'll then left-click on <a href="">Stretch/Skew</a>

5.)100% will be highlighted in blue in the "Horizontal:" box change the value in both the "Horizontal:" box , and the "Vertical" box to <a href="">50%</a> ( This will reduce the image to half of it's original size..(duh!)

6.)After changing the values to 50%, and hitting ENTER you'll now have a smaller version of your original picture. <a href="">Half of Original Photo</a> (8.82 KB in this case--- and 38.5% of it's original file size)
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