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PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 10:51 pm
by SkweezMyCheez
So its my junior year of high school, and all my life I've been preparing for an elite school. Lately, my focus has shifted from MIT to the Naval Academy. I just don't know too much about it and the environment there. I have become more fascinated with space and I now am seriously considering being an astronaut. I want to be the best there is. Sure it may sound like a pipe dream, but I believe I have what it takes.

Acceptance into the Academy is based primarily on three things: Academics, Physical Ability, and Medical State. Academically I am more than capable of acceptance into the academy. As a glimpse: 2070 SAT, 770 Math, 700 Writing, 600 Critical Reading. Physically I am capable. I lift every day, alternating muscle groups. I run three days a week. I am 5' 10" and I weigh 163lbs. I max out at bench at 215lbs and I can do at least twenty pull ups. Medically I have two issues. One, I have hypothyroid. Two, I am very near sighted. I couldn't say what my vision is, but for comparison's sake, my contact lens pre$cription is -3.75 for the left and -3.50 for the right, and those are starting to get pretty blurry. However, a waiver should enable me to sidestep these problems.

Enough of my background. What I was wondering is if anyone here has any knowledge, experience, or friends with experience of the Naval Academy. I need to talk to as many people as I can about the expectations and opportunities offered there. I know one person who entered this year, but have not had a chance to speak to him. Nobody in my family has entered the Academy and none have been in the armed forces other than my late grandfather and a twenty-one year old neighbor who is currently a private in the marines.

A little information on astronauts. Approximately 4500 applications are sent to Johnson Space Center. About 120 people accepted for interviews and medical examinations. 20 are accepted for training. After that, the first space mission could be years away. Starting salaries start at ~$40,000 and end at ~$80,000. So no, I won't be filthy rich. But thats not what it's about!

So, anyone know what it's like?