Paintball to bb gun conversion?

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Postby django » Tue Mar 14, 2006 5:10 am

Guys,I have been trying to figure out a way of converting a semi auto Paintball Gun to fire say 6mm or 3/8"bbs.I have looked at some schematics of semi auto paintguns a while back but couldnt see how the hell I could get one to be able to feed in the smaller ammo??.Now it can be done but will probably need lathe work?,I can get a mate to do that: has anyone tried this and had any luck at all?,I know one guy who has converted one but using an OLD Tippman SMG 60!.It now fires 6mm bbs!!,steel + plastic after converting an airsoft magazine to feed the ammo and somehow changed the barrel?,I have only just spoke to the maker and heres a link to his stuff!(THESE ARE NOT MY GUNS) ... backb1.jpg ... istol1.jpg

the pic of "blowback"is the one I speak of ,the one titled"autopistol is a painball gun converted to a cloud gun(.177):D,the one titled"guna"uses a venturi(vortex?) in the grip firing .177 bbs as well Great work indeed!.

Now I cant get an old Tippman SMG 60 here in Australia but could maybe get a Spyder or Tippman 98 or such to convert but dont know if it can be done?.I was even going to convert an old SL-68 pump action Paintball Gun at one point,Might see if I can still get one?:gun laws here are shit!:evil:and you need to licence paintball guns.
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