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Just starting to spud and wonder how long your barrel should be? Want to know how to build a better cannon? This is just the place! If you think your question is one of a newcomer, please post it in here. If your question is posted elsewhere, and it's a newcomer's type question, it will be moved in here.

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<font color="green">Orignally posted by DR, however stupid Snitz archived it so I have to repost it.</font>

<a href=""><b>Schedule 40 Dimensions</b></a>

<a href=""><b>Thread Sealant</b><i> (Preferred over Teflon Tape)</i></a>

<a href=""><b>Using Teflon Tape with Plastic or Metal Threads</b></a>

<a href="">How to modify a sprinkler valve!</a>
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