how can i make my bbmg portable

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Postby fidgety » Wed Dec 13, 2006 12:35 pm

man i'm not made of money 100$ is a ton for one pice of equipment i was kinda hoping for something cheaper
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Postby Mr.Plow » Wed Dec 13, 2006 1:22 pm

Yep, it is a lot, but thats just what it takes and you get what you pay for. The alternative is to strap a piece of 2" pipe with caps on each end to the side of the gun and connect a small bicycle pump to that. Pump, pump, pump... shoot for 1-2 seconds, repeat endlessly.
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Postby utcpyro » Wed Dec 13, 2006 4:32 pm

$100 a lot? What, are you living in 1970 or something? Inflation is a bitch, wake up and realise that $100 isnt that much any more.

NM, you're like 12.....

Ok, better stated: ANYTHING that you find here except basic combustion guns (and even those sometimes) or verry basic BBMG's (if you have your daddy';s compressor already) is going to be $75. More commonly $150+. Get used to it, get a job, or learn how to milk parents/relatives for cash and SAVE every penny of it except for your projects.

Now, that said... There is a cheep option: PROPANE. The small disposible tanks are $2, and if you run it unregulated (ends up something like 120 PSI) you can get the fittings to attach it to your gun for $10 (including a valve). It stinks like all heack, but it's about the only low cost option there is. Just building a tank your self for a BBMG and pumping it up will give you one or two second max, and a 12v emergancy compressor wont provide you with any more air then a hand pump and you's still need the tank (not to mention havint to hual around a heavy battery). You have to use HPA or some sort of liquid to gas phase chance deal (like propane or CO2).

So, if you want to go this, there are two ways:
1) Buy a propane torch (the cheepy type), remove the verry tip of the torch. There should be a small hole, drill it out. Attach a 3/8" air hose to it (just push it over and hose clam it) and run that to the trigger on the BBMG (probably need a 1/4" threaded x 3/8" hose barb to connect to trigger). Cost? About $15, but easyest to find.

2) Buy a propane tank (torch or camping type). Go to your local ACE hardware, and guy what's called a "disposable propane bottle adapter" around the propane stuff, a 1/4" ball valve, and whatever else you need to get it to your trigger. Cost? $15 to $20, a little harder to find the parts, but should work better, have less leaks, and be safer.

This has been done in the past by a few people, so it will work. Just make sure you fire in burst to keep the tank from freezing.
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Postby Freefall » Wed Dec 13, 2006 6:28 pm

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