New pneumatic cannon. (AIRPRESS PLEASE READ)

Just starting to spud and wonder how long your barrel should be? Want to know how to build a better cannon? This is just the place! If you think your question is one of a newcomer, please post it in here. If your question is posted elsewhere, and it's a newcomer's type question, it will be moved in here.

Postby airpress » Tue Mar 15, 2005 2:01 pm

I'm going to build an new cannon.
With two 3 inch pipes of 19.68inch long.
The barrel will be an 3/2" steel barrel or one out 1".

More comes when finished.
Maybe a will post pictures when i'm building it.

<b><i>After, you have actualy built the launcher is when you should make a topic about it. Posting a topic announcing that you are going to build a launcher doesn't give any good discussion material and therfore creates a place where off topic discussion can and most likely will arise. Unless you have specific question or require an oppinion, refrain from doing this in the future.

You already created a similar topic and it was removed. I wasn't going to lock this, but the fact that you have done this more than once is enough backing for me to do so.

PS, this isn't in the correct section. Pneumatic launcher discussion goes in either the Pneumatic Launchers or Finished Cannons forum. Not the Common Questions forum.

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Postby Freefall » Wed Mar 16, 2005 3:53 pm


Your topics are not mysteriously disappearing. They are being removed by moderators for violation of rule 24:

24) Posts may NOT be a totally pointless plain statement. Example...


hey guys i'm going to build a hybrid, it should be coool!!!one!!one!


Your posts must be...
A. A post to show off something.
B. A Question
C. An answer to a question.
D. Other type of comment that isn't totally pointless like the above example.

You have been warned twice via e-mail. I'm posting this warning here under the assumption that you haven't been checking your e-mail.

<b><i>If you continue to post useless topics or re-create deleted topics, your account will be suspended. Consider this your final warning.</b></i>
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