Getting slack with DWV usage

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Postby spuzi14 » Fri Jul 28, 2006 10:58 pm

You declare, I'll ask.

This discussion is very true and I never really thought of it!
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Postby fox_shooter2 » Sat Jul 29, 2006 2:50 am

Well, just went out to the shed to measure some pipes. here are the following specs (Standard Aus PVC):

DWV 40mm, OD=43.0mm, Wall=2.2mm, wall relative to diametre=5.1%
DWV 50mm, OD=56.5mm, Wall=2.5mm, wall relative to diametre=4.4%
DWV 65mm, OD=68.8mm, Wall=3.0mm, wall relative to diametre=4.4%
DWV 80mm, OD=74.1, Wall=2.0mm, wall relative to diametre=2.7%
DWV 90mm, OD=89.8, Wall=1.8mm, wall relative to diametre=2.0%
DWV 100mm, OD=110.0, Wall=3.0mm, wall relative to diametre=2.7%

Average wall thickness is 3.6% the diametre of pipe.

Class 12/Sch 40 PVC
15mm, OD=21.3mm, Wall=1.6mm, wall relative to diametre=7.5%
20mm, OD=26.5mm, Wall=1.7mm, wall relative to diametre=6.4%
25mm, OD=33.6mm, Wall=1.8mm, wall relative to diametre=5.4%
40mm, OD=48.2mm, Wall=2.7mm, wall relative to diametre=5.6%
50mm, OD=60.4mm, Wall=3.3mm, wall relative to diametre=5.5%
80mm, OD=89.0, Wall=5.0mm, wall relative to diametre=5.6%
100mm, OD=114.4mm, Wall=6.5mm, wall relative to diametre=5.7%

Average wall thickness is 6% diametre.

80mm and 90mm are stormwater grade PVC which is thinner that sewer. Hope this starts things off.
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Postby matti » Sun Nov 19, 2006 6:15 am

Sorry for being abit late on this but foxshooter I am also an aussie and cannot find SCH40 pipe anywere in bunnings so I settled for 3mm thick DWV (combustion). we shall see how it goes tomorrow.
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