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PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 11:07 pm
by theexp
Recently I've been working on my new reeftank. For flow for my coral I am making a sinusoidal valve to create "random" flow in my tank. I thought that you could put the valve to good use, as a distributor in a spudgun. SO basically there is a drum that spins in a piece of PVC with 4 different outlets/inlets. So when the drum rotates the hole in the drum is opened to the different inlets. For the potato cannon instead of a wider hole it'll be just the size of pvc and have a few o rings or such to seal it.

<img src="">
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It could either be used to inject air to vent then propane into one chamber and do that rapidly (instead of a one rpm motor like i'm gonna use use a 5 rpm or faster). The only problem with this is a way to measure propane out. I was thinking about having it timed with the valve but thats not accurate enough, so maybe a solenoid that fills up a meter pipe then the sinusoidal valve will release it. or have it injecting mixed fuel and air into 4 different chambers.