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Postby Jon » Thu May 11, 2006 3:02 am

I made sure to read through all the posts before mentioning this as it seems that nearly any subject that can be thought of may have already been posted ...somewhere;my effoprt not to accidently double post.
Recently, on the way back from an afternoon of making food for wild animaks with our cannons, we came across a rather large pile of irrigation pipe torn up from another construction project at one of the local colledges.Fortunetly,we had a cordless sawzall with us...
Most of what there was was SDR21 1 11/16" pipe. Due to varying degrees of damage there were few pieces that were usable as barrels.However,we did come up with an awesome idea: re-usable ammo for the two-inch barrels.We simply experimented with cutting it to different lengths and taping one end shut to see which lengths flew the best.
typically we've come up with anything 2"up to 8". A three inch piece with a 1 1/2 " steel washer duct taped to one end shot out of a 280 cu. in. chamber with an 80" barrel smashed right through the back fence from @ 60 feet away by the driveway gate!!!The fence is about twenty years old and was built from solid pine probably some structural grade as it looks like it's beveled down both sides & 3/4" thick.We've also come up with other ideas:streamers,parachutes-we put a "plug/wall" mid way through a piece @ 8" long, about two inches in with a washer glued in for a bit of weight and after a few mishaps figured out to leave the parachute loosely packed and slightly outwith a sinker drag weightto help pull it out once the pipe started the downward tumble;another,we did kinda the same but launched eggs straight up with a slight angle.that worked out better than the time I shot a hard boiled egg, and it vaporized three feet out of the muzzle!
There are more ways I'm sur to utilize this new resource,so maybe others out there could look around at deconstruction sites for renewable resources of ammo.:)
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