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Postby bluetooth » Wed Jun 14, 2006 7:29 pm

Me and my brother decided to make something that could be shot out of my mini pneumatic that could spread airsoft bbs over a big area but be closed instead of just pouring bbs into the barrel. So we were designing paper clynders that would open as they left the barrel and the bbs would fly out. To make them you just need a piece of white coppying paper the length you want to make the shell and and wide enough that it could roll up inside your barrel and only overlap about 1/8" and a wooden or metal dowel that could slide down your barrel easily. First roll the paper around the dowel so there is about 1/8 of it sticking off the end and twist that like the end of a smarties wrapper and smash it down flat. Next you fill the clynder with airsoft bbs so there is about 1/8 of the clynder not filled then you twist that end up up and untwist it. Last you get to test your airsoft shell. The shell should slide right down the barrel or be easily pushed down with a ram rod pump up your gun and shoot it. The paper should flutter to the ground and the bbs fly forward. I was using this with a 1/2" barreled pneumatic.
Have fun!!!:)
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