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Postby dhigley » Wed Jan 10, 2007 7:48 pm

I am interested in using one of the c02 launchers to launch beads. Has anyone done this? What would be the best to do this?
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Postby jimmy » Thu Jan 11, 2007 12:39 pm

A little more info would be helpful. Try reading your post again. Does it make any sense to you?

I'll take a wild ass guess and assume by "beads" you mean beaded necklaces ala Mardi Gras...

Since this will be used to fire the necklaces in the direction of (but not directly at) <u>people</u> you definitely want a low powered gun, short barrel, smallish chamber, any old valve design. A basic "t-shirt" launcher design would be a good starting point.

Choose the barrel diameter based on the cheapest sabot (to hold the beads and seal the barrel) you can find. Cheapo disposable plastic cups like you would use for a picnic might be suitable. Perhaps two cups, one facing backwards to seal the barrel the other facing forward to hold the beads. Take a couple of the cups to the hardware store and pick out PVC pipe that gives a good fit for the cups. You need a barrel ID that is slightly less than the OD of the cups. If you can't find a suitable barrel, use the largest diameter pipe that the cups won't quite fit into. You can then cut the cups down to fit the barrel.

Any old valve should work. Personally though, I wouldn't use a ball valve since its opening time is too variable and it is difficult to keep the gun pointed in the desired direction as you operate the valve. So, the cheapest electrically activated garden valve you can find would be good (check out the Rainbird type valves at your local hardware store for ~$15).

Some links;
<a href="">Spudtech version of a t-shirt launcher</a>, definitely overkill for what you are trying to do. This is what an expert can design and build. However, this design is potentially unsafe for firing towards people, even with a t-shirt as a projectile. Definitely unsafe for firing towards people with anything more substantial than a t-shirt as the projectile.

<a href="">Another link</a>, this time to a golf ball gun so the barrel ID is probably smaller than you want but (unless you can find a suitable cheap sabot) otherwise basically the gun you want. I would probably leave the solenoid on the valve and electrically activate it instead of replacing the solenoid with the blowgun trigger. But either will work fine for this application.
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Postby Numbuh 16 » Thu Jan 11, 2007 12:46 pm

A good idea would be to muzzle load a cheap pump paintball gun, and wad the beads.

Another sabot idea takes off of a traditional middle-splitting sabot. Just take a styrofoam cup, stand it upside down, and cut straight down. Put the beads in it, put a back on the sabot, and its basically a very low power tank sabot.
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