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Tell stories about your spud cannon adventures!

Postby Bartman007 » Sun Oct 19, 2003 4:23 pm

Ok, so I went to a friend's house last night for a small party. As we are talkin at the party, another friend brings up my spudguns. Well, I got my big piston cannon in the trunk of my car so I ask if people want to see it. Four of us go out to look at it and someone asks if we can fire it, I say ok and we head out to the middle of nowhere up in the mountains. I pull the thing out of the trunk and assemble it (non-coaxial), I get a few "damn...."'s as a response to the size. Load up a tennisball and charge it to 100psi with my 20lb CO2 tank (damn I love that thing) Aimed it at a nearby tree (though at an angle so if it rebounded it would go another direction,) and fire. BANG, strange impact sound on the tree, then it rebounds back and smacks a friend in the crotch. He gets pissed, but he's drunk so he didn't really feel it. I pick up the ball, and the impact causes the ball to pop, it split and there was a crack halfway around the ball. I start loading up another ball, and the same friend, while grabbing his crotch asks if he can fill the slip tennisball up with gravel. I say sure, then fire straight up, since it's semi-dark we can only listen for the impact and hear it a good 12-14 seconds later. Then I load up the gravel filled tennis ball and fire it at a tree a good 50 yards away. It sounds like a real gunshot, and above the echo, the impact against the tree is heard. But we don't hear it hit anything else. Running over to the tree with the flashlight we find 2 big chunks of the tennisball on the ground. Then we notice that there is a big dent/hole in the tree, and there is the rest of the tennis ball stuck in that hole... Seeing as it's 12 feet up we can't really get to it.
After a few more shots we pack up and head over to a road where I know there is an abandoned 67 Chevy pickup with a Sun SPARC workstation in the back. We pickup the Sparc workstation and then the three with me decided to beat the sh*t out of the car with a can of wood putty and a 2x4, but that's a different story...


<i>P.S. While the people with me were intoxicated I wasn't. I knew I was going to be driving so I abstained. Besides I have a personal rule that if a drop of alcohol has touched my lips then none of my toys are going to come out.</i>
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Postby boogieman » Mon Oct 20, 2003 12:31 am

Oh my, i feel sorry for your friend! I know how fast those babies can rebound! **insert funny dance here** If you like tennis balls, go to a farm store and buy a huge animal syringe with a small needle, believe me tennis balls filled with water really pack a punch. Glad to hear you were sober when shooting, that really is a good rule, alcohol and spudguns could cause some serious problems!

A friend(well a friend's friend) once shot a hole in the dorm building with a potato while under the influence. Luckily it was summer time and the only people there were a group of friends. That was a real eye opener, and I have never trusted my spudgun in anyones hands unless I know them very well, and they are sober. The dorm supervisor just thought a baseball had hit the wall, since the dorms were near a ball field. :x
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Postby EvilEyeMonkey » Mon Oct 20, 2003 6:41 am

ouch! dang that had to have hurt!
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