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Postby gyroman79 » Fri Dec 26, 2003 12:08 am

Today a bunch of my relatives came to my house for Christmas. I believe the total number was 26, most of them little kids or little kids trapped in adult bodies. I've always thought my house was a decent size, but it always feels tiny with so many people around.

I was seeking refuge from the madness in my room, when my cousin and his wife barged in, and saw my <a href="">newest potato gun</a>. They demanded I fire it for them. So after we stuffed our faces and exchanged some more presents among extended family, I took it out. So then another cousin saw it and told her husband about it, it turns out he is building a basic combustion at home. So then he told another relative, etc.

When I finally got set up and ready to demonstrate, I had quite an audience. It was just above freezing out, so I only fired a couple shots. This gun can put a potato out of sight, so everyone was impressed, and they all thought I must be a genius to be able to build such a high-tech potato gun. I even got a couple of half-serious requests for custom guns.

After that I decided to get my trebuchet out, but alas, it fell victim to that law that says it won't work right when everyone is watching. I've yet to have a misfire with my potato gun, however (keeping fingers crossed).

I now have the impression that my extended family thinks I am some sort of diabolical genius. It's quite a humbling feeling. :)
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Postby spud lover » Fri Dec 26, 2003 2:04 am

I hate it when that happens. My gun worked perfectly for over 100 shots. Then my friend comes over and the piece of [excrement] doesn't fire 2 times.:twisted:[:(!]:twisted: So I busted out the trusty pneumatic and we had some fun with that.
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