one time at band camp...

Tell stories about your spud cannon adventures!

Postby orangekid13 » Mon Aug 04, 2003 8:33 pm

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<br>I would be scared to death of spudgun camp.
I work at a regular summer camp with 50 five to eight-year-olds and that is scary enough :?

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ah, thus the meaning to your signature
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Postby Bartman007 » Mon Aug 04, 2003 10:27 pm

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Postby Chriszuma » Wed Oct 22, 2003 10:52 pm

I just met someone through robotics team that also makes spudguns, it was so sweet. "You have a spudgun?!?! I have a spudgun!" lol, anyway, he inspired me to make a pneumatic one, which is currently drying outside my door. it basically is the SP93XX with a 6 inch longer chamber. (insert villainous laugh here)
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