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Postby GalFisk » Wed Aug 20, 2003 8:17 am

I was out in the woods testing out some improvements and ammo and basically having a good time:)
One of the projectiles was a throwing dart of the kind you get when you buy a cheap dart board at the toy store (plastic fins, small brass piece and not overly sharp steel tip), and I loaded it, bending the fins slightly to get it to fit in the barrel, and jammed in a carrot for wadding. Then I took aim at a tree about 10m (11 yards) away and shot.
It missed.
Now I thought that the dart was lost forever, but I went down to see if it was at all possible that it had hit another tree. I saw something red in the top of a small birch tree, not much taller than myself, and at first i thought nothing of it, but then I decided to take a better look.
It was the dart. It had hit the trunk (which was about 1 cm (1/3") thick) dead center, split it, gone through and stopped at the tail. If it had gone more than a few millimeters to either side, it would've been lost...
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