4lb zinc ball thru 19'' TV....videos comming soon.

Tell stories about your spud cannon adventures!

Postby MadSkillzMan » Sat Aug 14, 2004 3:19 am

alright guys. im only 18..me and my friends go garbage picking every wed nite. even my gf goes how cool is that? usually we have 2 pickups....well this time we wer limited...so it was my gfs car, and the one guys little probe.....grabbed this 19" tv with VCR....take it back ...plug it in..nothing blows up...so good so far....so we turn it on WOW it turns on!..screen is blue...displays CH04 in the top right corner....ok we figure, maybe the VCR is dead..nothing more...nope it plays...BUT...the screen goes gray....it will only show white letters and a gray screen....we tried adjusting the brightness/contrast...no go....one guy messed around (with gloves of corse) inside in hope it was a loose wire. DARN found nothing wrong.

so wer sitting there...alls we get is audio...and i look over at my 2" bore spudgun.......then eye the 4lb zinc balls my dad scored a LONG time ago from Dupont....well ....u can all guess where this story is going.....last time we did it, it was a refridgerator, and it was HALARIOUS!...

by the way, its a pneumatic gun. 3" tank thats about 4 feet long, 1.5inch ball valve...and a 2" barrel thats ....i have no idea how long...half of a full PVC pipe...we just cut it in half for a second gun.

SO...with it being saturday today...and my usual bunch of friends comming over....we decide wer going to execute our beloved garbage picked TV. gonna tape it from about 3 angles...but best of all, its gonna be ON while we do it. we have a 3 foot tall, 8inch thick tree stump behind the TV...shopvac handy for glass...and someone on a power pad ready to kill the power once it goes off....the TV is going to be about 60feet from any people...cameras will be on tripods and remotes....

there are also a handfull of old boomboxes we garbage picked we NEVER tried.....we decided wed like to see what exactly we can shoot through with this....wer going to move up to hardwood...then bonfire the remains.

Stay tuned...results will come later....i think im gonna need some hosting help for this video though. probably have 2 versions. 1. the shot only, and 2. the detailed one...little intro...multiple angles...
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Postby BillyBobJoe » Sat Aug 14, 2004 3:40 pm

Sweet[:p]:D Videos would be awesome. If the flyback still works after you blast it (probably won't[:p]) take it out and hook it up.
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Postby MadSkillzMan » Tue Aug 24, 2004 2:51 pm


First shot went right thru it. It smoked a bit. RIGHT thru the TV. The VCR worked afterwards. So we loaded up the gun again with 2 zinc balls. They didnt go as hard, but took out the rest of the screen. The next shot was thru the back of it. After that, it literally fell apart all over lol The case was cracked, it was falling apart as we wer trying to move it.

If anyone wants to see our vid, lemme know.
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Postby Ian2accurate » Tue Aug 24, 2004 3:08 pm

I sure would like to see them!
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Postby clide » Tue Aug 24, 2004 6:04 pm

I'd like to see it too, sounds cool
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Postby BC Pneumatics » Tue Aug 24, 2004 7:12 pm

yup! and if you dont have a place to host it, talk to pcguy[:p]
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Postby PCGUY » Tue Aug 24, 2004 11:48 pm

Ya I have a place you can upload it yourself soon.. but till then you could just hit me up on AIM and figure out about getting it to me for hosting.
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Postby alwayscocacola » Wed Aug 25, 2004 11:10 am

And as long as it is under 10 MBs, you could use http://www.infernolabs.co.uk/filehost/

mostly pyro, but you could still use it there. And be sure to click on one of the advertisements to cover the cost.
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