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Postby Insaniac » Mon Aug 30, 2004 8:06 pm

My little borther, 11 years old, had just built his first combustion a few weeks ago and used right gaurd for fuel. He saw my end cap fan and wanted me to put an regular 80MM computer fan in his chamber, so I did. I didnt think of it at the time, but an 11 yr olds' solvent welding skills are NOT anywhere near acceptable.
We just put the fan in and went to shoot it ...BBOOOOMM! The loudest bang I have ever heard in my life. Not just the end cap but the whole cleanout assembly shot about 50 feet, burnt all the hair off my arm, gave me a huge mark on my arm, and I still have a slight ringing in my ears. This happened about 3 hours ago and im still shaky from it.

Morale - Only use guns of people whom you would trust to build a gun for you to use. I will never in my entire life forget this incident.
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Postby Ian2accurate » Mon Aug 30, 2004 9:20 pm

The same thing happened to me! I know exactly how you feel. I was littler then too (like 12 or 13) and I didn't know how to solvent weld correctly. It burnt the fuzz on my sweater I was wearing too[:p].

I shot it again about 6 months later, it was shaking in my hands as I used right guard instead of propane. Ok well maybe not shaking, but I was nervous.
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